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Sheet Pan Meals!


Recently, I tried something new to me (cooking-wise). Roasting vegetables and meat together on a Sheet Pan. I used this Rosemary-Crusted Tenderloin Recipe. It was incredible! Although, next time, I think I’ll add the green beans a little closer to the end of the cooking time…..


They were a little over-done.


Then, because it worked so well with the pork, I baked a couple of small turkey breasts with vegetables. Similar to this Chicken recipe. Yum!

Because I’m so happy with this method of cooking, I can’t wait to try this Baked Pesto Salmon, with vegetables, of course. Give it a try sometime. You won’t regret it!

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Temperature Blanket – 4 Weeks of Progress


4 weeks of progress and my Temperature Blanket is now 15 inches long. This is a perfect project for me. Just one row a day. Some days, that’s all I have time for! On the days when I have more crochet (or knit) time, I work on my other projects, Bazaar projects and my Diamond Shawlette.

If you notice, I said it’s already 15 inches at 4 weeks. I figure, at that rate it will be 5 feet long after 4 months. At this point, I believe I will start a new blanket. I should be able to get 3 Temperature Blankets in one year!

Why am I mentioning how many blankets I can get done in one year? Because, in case you think this might be a fun project to put on your “to do” list, you don’t have to wait until 2018 to get started! You could start in say…..February…..or March….maybe even September! There’s still time. And. You should join us on Facebook to see everyone’s progress on their blankets. Come on….you know you need another project!

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This Sweater is Going Down!


I started this Woodsmoke sweater in September 2015 and I haven’t even completed the yoke. I don’t know what it is about this project, but it’s coming to an end!

It might be the phobia I have about sweaters. I just can’t seem to complete sweaters. They scare me. AND. There’s no good reason for it. It’s just knitting. I can do cables, lace, colorwork, patterns, seaming, beading, blocking….basically all the elements that might go into a sweater. Yet, I have yet to complete a successful sweater. Maybe it’s the project I choose? I do loose interest quickly…..

It’s going to end! I’m GOING to complete a successful sweater! 2017 will be my year to do it! BUT. I’m going to need help to do it. Here’s what I need…..Take a look at these sweaters (please) and let me know what you would choose. Thanks in advance!

Temperature Blanket – Week Two


Over halfway through the month of January and the Temperature Blanket is growing! I’m really LOVING this project! What could be better than 1 row per day? It still leaves me plenty of time to work on my other projects too.

I also LOVE how the Lion Band’s Heartland yarns co-ordinate together, The colors are so pretty together. Don’t you agree?

There’s still time to start your own Temperature Blanket. I’ve calculated the blanket will be 17 feet long if I do the ENTIRE 365 days. Obviously, I will NOT be crocheting it THAT long! I’ll probably start another blanket part way through the year. If you want to make your own blanket,  be sure to join us on Facebook Temperature Blanket to see everyone’s progress.

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Shawl Progress


I just wanted to share the progress I’m making on the Elizabeth’s Diamond Shawlette that I’ve been working on for my Knit-along 2017. See that? Links to places outside the blog! It took me almost an hour of reading, but I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Not highlighting the linked text. Who would have guessed?

I’ll have to go back to some of my old posts and add some links. Someday. You know, when I have some spare time.

I’ve completed 3 repeats of the chart. The pattern calls for 5 repeats, but because I’m using sock yarn instead of DK, I’m probably going to have to do a few more repeats to get the shawl big enough. I’m really enjoying this pattern and can’t wait to see my co-knitter’s progress today. How are your 2017 projects progressing?


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Temperature Blanket – Week One


This morning, I’m working on row 7 to complete the first week of the Colors for a Temperature Blanket. This has been such a fun (and easy) project. Mostly because I only have to complete one row a day. That could change if I get behind, but for now it’s been working out just right.

If you think you might like to join me in crocheting (or knitting) a Temperature Blanket of your own (it’s not too late….), join us here….

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A Stretchy Bind-off


I’ve started the bind-off to my First Bazaar Project. A project that I completely started over when I wasn’t Loving the way it was coming out. AND. Decided to go a different way completely. Top-down (instead of Bottom-up) to be exact. With a Top-down project you want a good, stretchy bind-off. I’ve used a sewn bind-off before, while it’s very stretchy, it’s also very wonky looking.

I found the bind-off I’m using now in a knitting stitch dictionary. As I’ve looked for other stretchy bind-offs, I haven’t seen anything quite like this one (that doesn’t mean it’s not out there, only that I hadn’t seen it). Here’s how it’s done….

  1. Knit 2 stitches (as you would for a standard bind-off).
  2. Lift the back stitch over the front stitch. BUT leave that back stitch on the left needle.img_2987
  3. Knit the next stitch (this is a little tricky, but believe me, it can be done) and slide the lifted stitch off with your knit stitch. You will now have 2 stitches on your right needle.img_2988


With these 2 stitches, you will repeat the process.

Oh. AND. You’re Welcome for the great photographs. They sure looked like the were in better focus than they are….I think I’ve mentioned before this would probably happen….