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Gotta Have Heart Beanie

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I would skip the Block Challenge for the “Beat the Winter Blues” KAL this week. Instead I’m gonna share my Gotta Have Heart Fair Isle chart. A few years back, I used this chart to knit this….(don’t ask me why the photo is small, it’s more than I want to investigate this morning)

My Gotta Have Heart Beanie. If you want to knit one for yourself, I used the Favorite Beanie Recipe (or use any beanie pattern you like with a stitch multiple of 6) and inserted the Gotta Have Heart Chart – Stitch Fiddle Chart. OR. Use the cart in any project you like (wouldn’t a Mug Cozy be cute?)!

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Knitting!


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Stitch Pattern Saturday – Double Fleck Stitch

I really enjoyed the texture of this Stitch Pattern. Once again, a simple 4 row repeat. Easy to memorize. I found out you do need to pay attention to which row you are on (I’m pretty sure I already knew this…..). I made a mistake as to whether I was knitting row 2 or row 4 and threw the whole pattern off. Did I catch it right away? NO. No, I did not! I realized it about 12 rows later. I thought about leaving it. But. I just couldn’t! I took the project off the needles (this always make me feel so brave!  😉  ), ripped back to the mistake and put the needles back in (this always lets me breathe a sigh of relief!). Then , I knit along as if nothing had happened! That’s right! Take THAT knitting mistake!

Double Fleck Stitch

Cast-on a multiple of 6 +4 sts. ( for the “Beat the Winter Blues” KAL, cast-on 34 sts.)

Rows 1 &3 (Right Side): K all sts.

Row 2: P4, *k2, p4; repeat across.

Row 4: P1, *k2, p4; repeat across to last 3 sts, k2, p1.

Repeat rows 1-4 for pattern.

Happy Knitting!


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WIP Wednesday – Progress Report

It’s WIP Wednesday and I figured I should give a bit of a progress report. First, Blocks for the “Beat the Winter Blues” KAL. 10 finished blocks (4 sewn together) and 2 blocks partially finished. Including the Block Challenge #5, snowflake block on the needles at the bottom of the picture. I’m really happy with this block as I’ve had a bit of problems with Intarsia before. It seems to be working much better for me on this block. YAY!!!

Making pretty good progress on the Grand Forks Cardigan. Still miles and miles of stockinette to go….

Also, making good progress on the Spring KAL shawl. I think this will be a fun knit for Spring. If knitting shawls or lace appeals to you, be sure to clear your WIPs and make room for a little shawl knitting!

Finally, is my latest distraction. I found a fun “new to me” embroidery project, while wandering the aisles of my local JoAnn’s store. It’s called Zenbroidery , and it is a stamped design similar to an adult coloring book. You add embroidery stitches in any color you wish (you can also embellish with beads and sequins if you like). I had forgotten how much I enjoyed embroidery! Well, that’s the progress report for now. How are your projects coming along?

Happy crafting!


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Spring KAL – A Lacy Shawl!

I’m not even sure EXACTLY how it happens. I got a little distracted. In my defense, someone had posted a Shawl Challenge from Aroha Knits. It sounded like fun. It sounded like a way to do a little more designing with Stitch Patterns. SO….I’ve been playing around with a Spring/Summer Lacy shawl pattern. AND. It’s working out FABULOUSLY (is that really a word?)! It’s been a SUPER fun knit!

Want to get in on a fun, EASY, lacy shawl knit for Spring/Summer? WELL. Here’s the deal…..I’m going to host KAL #2 for this fun little shawl (that’s right….I might be a little crazy….   😉  ). Here’s the deal….. Join either the Ravelry Group or the Facebook group and on March 20th, 2019, I’m going to post a link to the shawl pattern for a fun Spring-time knitting project. That gives you a little more than a month to get all your WIP’s wrapped up (or put in storage….whichever applies….), so you’ll be ready for a new Spring project!

Are you ready for a fun Spring knit? Make sure to join us for our Springtime KAL!

Happy Knitting!


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Stitch Pattern Sunday – Block Challenge #5

It’s Sunday! It’s time again for a Block Challenge! If you completed your Stockinette Square in last week’s challenge (you can still use last week’s block as a block for your blanket if you like OR just count it as a gauge swatch), you’re ready to move onto this week’s challenge. This week is a chart challenge! This challenge is a challenge for me also. I wanted a few Fair Isle or Intarsia blocks. Now, here’s the thing. Since we’re knitting flat blocks, there will be colorwork while purling. I know, I KNOW! I’m not crazy about it either! BUT. I REALLY want a few of these colorwork blocks in my afghan! So, after I got my Stockinette Block completed, I got on Stitch Fiddle and created this chart using my column/ row counts  (30×38).

If you don’t want to design your own chart, feel free to use this chart (or another that you find). If you don’t want to do colorwork, you could also purl (on the right side/knit on the wrong side) The blue spaces on the chart (you’d end up with something like this). I can’t wait to see everyone’s blocks from this challenge!

Happy Knitting!


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Stitch Pattern Saturday – Grass Stitch

First, I should say Happy Groundhog’s Day! Maybe Spring is just around the corner? Or. maybe Spring will arrive on it’s regularly scheduled date of March 20th? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!  😉

This Saturday’s Stitch Pattern is called Grass Stitch. Once again, an easy to remember 2 row Stitch Pattern. I have to confess, this Stitch Pattern is from some dishcloths I made awhile back (I kind of got a little distracted craft-wise this week….). I have to say, it’s a nice scrubby texture for dishcloths. I’ve always enjoyed this Stitch Pattern. I hope you do too!

Grass Stitch

Cast-on a multiple of 4 sts, +1 edge st for each side (for our “Beat the Winter Blues” KAL, you’ll cast-on 34 sts)

Row 1 (Right Side): K1 (edge), *k1, slip 1 purlwise (yarn at the back), yo, pass slipped st over both knitted and yo sts, k1: repeat across to last st, k1 (edge).

Row 2: K1 (edge), purl across to last st, k1 (edge).

Well, what are you waiting for? Get out your knitting needles and get knittin’!

Happy Knitting!


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Multi-Cooker Monday – Pasta

Last night, I made this Beef and Mushroom Ragu . We didn’t have any Spaghetti squash, so I just served it over pasta (yeah, I didn’t take any photos of the sauce over the pasta, sorry….). YUM! It was SO GOOD! Thanks again Julie for sharing this recipe link with me! It’s another great thing about knitting friends…..It’s not just knitting they know…..they know good food too!

If you’re a pasta lover like me, I’ve found some more pasta recipes that you might want to try in your Multi-cooker….

Now, that’s a YUMMY looking list of Pasta Recipes! Let me know if you try any. I LOVE to hear feedback on food!

Happy Cooking!