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A New Blog

I’m not even sure what compelled me to have a blog in the first place, but I have enjoyed it. Right up until I can’t get into my “old blog” to edit it. I thought about it and decided I’d try a new blog format. So… I am!

You’ll have to bear with me as I learn. I should also mention that although I LOVE all those BEAUTIFUL blogs with the Pinterest-y photos. This will probably never be that kind of blog. This will be a kind of un-perfect version of those blogs. Complete with not-so-great photos and my ramblings. It’ll be a blog for those of us who are SUPER busy and are just happy that we can get something (anything really….) accomplished. Mostly because that’s how my life is (and probably how a lot of you out there’s life is too)!

I have A LOT of interests. Probably more interests than I should have…..knitting, crocheting, cooking & baking, Sewing & quilting, gardening….and I plan on doing posts on many of these things. Probably complete with bad photos!

So, Welcome to my new blog! I hope I’ll have some posts that will interest you!