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Chocolate and Pink Socks

Recently I finished my first pair of “successful” socks. And. By “successful”, I mean they fit and they’re wearable. But. They’re not exactly perfect…..

You might not notice it, but the stitches are loose-ish. MUCH better than when I try to knit with just a single strand of sock yarn….Here’s one of the epic fails in my sock knitting adventures. Don’t laugh, but this might be my worst knitting disaster EVAH! Who even knows what went wrong with these?!?! Now you know why I gave up knitting socks!

But. After I finished these Doubled-yarn Socks and they kind of looked like socks. And seem wearable. And were a pleasure to knit. I decided to make a few changes to my “pattern” to see if the next pair would be even better. SO. I cast on the same amount of stitches onto size 2 needles (instead of the size 4 I had used before). The fabric seems much tighter and I’m enjoying these socks even more than the pair before. I just might become a sock knitter yet. Which will be good, because for a non-sock knitter, I’ve amassed quite a stash of sock yarn……


A Few Changes to the Blog….

Because I can, I decided to choose a different format for the blog. I think I like it MUCH better (and any feedback here would be appreciated….)! Now, if I can just get something (other than my own blog posts) to link, I’d feel much more successful. Still working on it….