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WIP Wednesday – Progress Report

It’s WIP Wednesday and I figured I should give a bit of a progress report. First, Blocks for the “Beat the Winter Blues” KAL. 10 finished blocks (4 sewn together) and 2 blocks partially finished. Including the Block Challenge #5, snowflake block on the needles at the bottom of the picture. I’m really happy with this block as I’ve had a bit of problems with Intarsia before. It seems to be working much better for me on this block. YAY!!!

Making pretty good progress on the Grand Forks Cardigan. Still miles and miles of stockinette to go….

Also, making good progress on the Spring KAL shawl. I think this will be a fun knit for Spring. If knitting shawls or lace appeals to you, be sure to clear your WIPs and make room for a little shawl knitting!

Finally, is my latest distraction. I found a fun “new to me” embroidery project, while wandering the aisles of my local JoAnn’s store. It’s called Zenbroidery , and it is a stamped design similar to an adult coloring book. You add embroidery stitches in any color you wish (you can also embellish with beads and sequins if you like). I had forgotten how much I enjoyed embroidery! Well, that’s the progress report for now. How are your projects coming along?

Happy crafting!


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WIP Wednesday – Grand Forks Cardigan

Happy New Year everyone! Well, it’s 2019, and although I made no “resolutions”, I have declared 2019 the year of the sweater for me. Yes. I’ll still be working on my Stitch Pattern Sampler Blanket this winter ( as part of the “Beat the Winter Blues” KAL). BUT. I also want to work on sweaters in 2019 too! If you’ve been around the blog for any time at all, you’ll know I THINK I can project multi-task…..not always successfully either!  😉

I also hold a pretty deep sweater phobia that started way back when I first learned to knit (if you want to read that story it’s here). A sweater phobia I am CONVINCED I can conquer! I made a HUGE step towards conquering that phobia by knitting my Harvest Cardigan in 2018! I also learned some things about sweater knitting with that project (I should maybe write a post about that sometime soon….). So, in order to continue any progress of conquering the sweater phobia, I feel I HAVE to continue to knit sweaters! It’s a MUST!

On December 25th, during a little down-time in the day, I perused my knitting books and magazines and decided this Grand Forks Pullover had a lot of the elements I wanted to knit….top-down, round-yoke, stranded colorwork, pretty. The ONLY thing that I didn’t like about it was it was a pullover. SO…..before I cast-on, I re-read an article or two on steeking (this article from Tincan Knits is really a good one!) and planned for those steek stitches.

Here’s the sweater progress (see the steek stitches?) so far. I’m pretty happy with the progress. What are you knitting in 2019? Are you conquering any knitting fears this year?

Happy Knitting!


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Let the Un-knitting Begin!

Well…..I made a decision about my Sweater Dilemma. I started un-knitting the sleeves to shorten them. I ALMOST had myself convinced to just let it go and not shorten the sleeves. But. The inner perfectionist in me eventually won out. So, now I’m making a little backwards progress! 😉

Originally, I was going to run a “lifeline” and rip back to it. See the above picture? It didn’t take me long to realize putting a “lifeline” into that mess was going to push me over the edge! 😉 That’s when I began the whole un-knitting process. It’s going pretty well too. I have about 8 more rounds to go. I should probably finish this sweater just in time for Christmas! 😉

How are your projects coming along? Been doing any un-knitting lately?

Happy Knitting!


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A Sweater Dilemma

This should be a YAY! moment…..and yet, even though I finished the knitting and bind-off of my Harvest Cardigan on April 14th, there’s also a dilemma. First, the cardigan is a little big-ish. Not really overly big though. Just roomy like a boyfriend cardigan. I think I can live with that. Well…..I’m going to have to, because I’m NOT UNKNITTNG THIS! The real problem, is the length of the sleeves. They’re about 2 inches too long. UGH! Who knits a top-down sweater and doesn’t check the sleeve length at some point? That would be ME!

Now, I haven’t woven in any ends yet, so, I could unknit the sleeves a few inches to shorten them. That’s probably what I SHOULD do. Yet, I keep thinking I just want to be DONE with this project! Odds are, I’m going to push up or roll-up the sleeves anyway, so why bother shortening them? Right?

Then the nagging in my head asks if I can live with that? AND. I might be able to convince myself to just be happy to have conquered the sweater phobia and finished a sweater. I think….

What to do? What to do? What to do…..

Happy Knitting!




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My Progress During the Ravellenics

First, let me start by saying…..I didn’t get NEARLY enough knitting/crochet time during the Ravellenics as I had hoped (Sorry Team VHOC , I hope I didn’t let you down!) I really only finished ONE project….my Chocolate and Pink Socks. Of course that finish was HUGE for me personally! See the Crochet ripple in the photo above? That’s my Temperature Blanket 2017. I had HOPED to finish this project. I did however add another 11 rows to this blanket, bringing it’s length to 60″. I actually thought about just finishing it off at that length and calling it good (remind me of this when I keep droning on about not getting this done!), but I want it to be 72″ in length (which is another 24-ish rows), so I’ll keep working on it. 😉

I also got quite a bit of length put onto my Harvest Cardigan. I’m to a point where I have no more neck increases and the buttonhole is in. Now, it’s just rows (and rows and rows and rows) of knit and purl until the length is reached. I CAN do this!

Even though I didn’t get everything completed, I certainly enjoyed watching the world come together to support the athletes in their pursuit of medals for their countries. Just like the Olympics, sometimes just doing your very best under the circumstances you’re given still makes you a winner! 🙂

What kind of progress did you make during the Ravellenics?

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Gearing up for the Ravellenics!

First let me say…..THE SLEEVES ARE DONE (on the Harvest Cardigan)!!!! Now onto the miles and miles of  knitting/purling of the body!

Now, onto the rest of the post……Ravellenics 2018! I searched the teams and my best fit is Team Village Hopelessly Overcommitted ! With a WIP to FO rate of 9 to 1, if ever there was a team for me, this has to be it!

Since I need to plan projects, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be competing in WIP Dancing, because I have a few WIPs…..

  1. Last year’s Temperature Blanket. I really only have about 30 rows and this would be finished. So-o-o-o…..I should really work on this!

These Pink and Chocolate Socks……it wouldn’t be so much torture if they would ever grow.

My Red Lady Kina. I REALLY want to get this one done. Since I’ve been having better luck with sweaters, maybe I should take advantage of that!

Well, that’s a start, if I get these finished before the end of Ravellenics, I can always work on my Harvest Cardigan or my Granny Stashdown Blanket. I think I have plenty of WIPs to take me through the 2 weeks! If not, I may need to cast-on something new!

What are your plans for the Ravellenics?


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Harvest Progress

Making progress on my Harvest Cardigan! It’s hard to make out in this photo (a better photo would have included cleaning the kitchen….it’s a thing….), but, I’ve passed the point where I divide for the sleeves! Yes!

I decided to knit the sleeves before the body. If I have enough yarn, I might like to lengthen the body of the sweater. It just seemed like a good way to make sure I wouldn’t be playing yarn chicken when completing the sleeves. So, I spent January 1st trying to figure out how I could knit 2 sleeves at a time. I KNEW it could be done, but it did take a couple of times re-threading stitches back onto waste yarn to get it right. Sometimes I think I’d be smart to just knit something EXACTLY the way the pattern is written. Maybe someday….