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Spring KAL – A Lacy Shawl!

I’m not even sure EXACTLY how it happens. I got a little distracted. In my defense, someone had posted a Shawl Challenge from Aroha Knits. It sounded like fun. It sounded like a way to do a little more designing with Stitch Patterns. SO….I’ve been playing around with a Spring/Summer Lacy shawl pattern. AND. It’s working out FABULOUSLY (is that really a word?)! It’s been a SUPER fun knit!

Want to get in on a fun, EASY, lacy shawl knit for Spring/Summer? WELL. Here’s the deal…..I’m going to host KAL #2 for this fun little shawl (that’s right….I might be a little crazy….   😉  ). Here’s the deal….. Join either the Ravelry Group or the Facebook group and on March 20th, 2019, I’m going to post a link to the shawl pattern for a fun Spring-time knitting project. That gives you a little more than a month to get all your WIP’s wrapped up (or put in storage….whichever applies….), so you’ll be ready for a new Spring project!

Are you ready for a fun Spring knit? Make sure to join us for our Springtime KAL!

Happy Knitting!


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A Cool Drink for Knitting

Yesterday, I spent a bit of time sitting in the garden, binding off my Sparkly Triangle Shawl (that’s right, a FO is VERY close now!). Because no sitting and knitting in the garden is complete without some icy drink, I made myself a Coffee Icee (or Frappe, if you prefer….)

Because it’s SO refreshing (and summer IS coming….), I thought I would share my method. That’s right, I’m one of those “no recipe really” people…’s just how I roll…..

I start by freezing any extra morning coffee in ice cube trays……

Into a blender, I add the ENTIRE tray of coffee ice cubes. to this I add:

  • a splash (about 2 Tbsp.?) of Torani Sugar-free syrup (any flavor, but white chocolate is good!)
  • a splash of heavy cream (again about 2 Tbsp.?)
  • Enough of your favorite milk (I used Almond milk) to cover the ice cubes (maybe 2 cups?).

Blend all this together. If it’s a little thick, add a little more of the milk.


Happy Summer!