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It’s a Start!

It’s February 1st and as promised (this post), I’ve started my Stashdown Blanket! I’m really excited about this project as I LOVE to do Granny Squares! In case you would also like to crochet one big Granny Square Blanket (and use up some of your stash doing it), Fiber Flux is holding a CAL on Ravelry here. This would be a fun, easy project to work on this weekend while watching the Super Bowl. In fact, I might just do that…..although, there is that Valentine’s Day swap deadline that is looming……decisions, decisions…..


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Spring Cleaning for the Stash


Lately, Mr. Muddling (sometimes referred to as the co-muddler) And I have been doing a bit of “spring cleaning”. Does that make you think we’re getting ahead of the game? Because, actually, I feel as though we’re WAY behind. I like to do a bit of “deep cleaning” during the week between Christmas and New Year. That way, the living space feels fresh and clean for the New Year. Yeah, that never really happened last year. So now, with January almost over (how did that happen?), we’re playing catch up (good thing there were no resolutions made!).

I was  reading through emails (or deleting…..there needs to be some major “deep cleaning” on the amount of email lists I’m on…..) and stumbled upon this Granny Stashdown Challenge.  Well…….even though I have a Valentine’s Day swap item to finish and progress to be made on the Harvest Cardigan (among other things….). The thought of one Large Granny Square Blanket (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do one!) AND busting down the stash (maybe I need to stop buying yarn….yeah. right.)…..Yep! I’m doing it. I gathered my basket of stash yarn (there might be more, I never made it out to the shed….) and found a K hook. I’m holding off starting until February 1st though… might be WIP guilt…..

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Just a Million Ends to Weave in…..

Even though I count these as finished (yes, that’s right, I consider them finished once the knitting is done…..), obviously I have a million ends to weave in (and block, let’s not forget blocking). I had mentioned (in this post) that I wanted to do a trio of hats for the family of the sweater owner. Preferably before Christmas. I might even make it. You know, if I keep at it and not get distracted by a new project…..

How’s your gift knitting coming along?

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A Fair Isle Obsession

I just wanted to share my latest obsession…..knitting Fair Isle (or colorwork) projects. It started out innocent enough. Tin Can Knits was having a knit-a-long for the Strange Brew Sweater. It looked like a great pattern to help feed my “need to design” instinct. AND. It had a great concept of “swatching” usable hats and cowls to test for gauge (what a concept!). Since I LOVE to knit hats and cowls, I decided that would be a fantastic way to get some Christmas gifts knit up. Plus, it would be a good way to use up a lot of the yarn stash! So I purchased the pattern, printed out the hat pattern and graphs, pulled out yarn and quickly finished up hat #1 (the purple/gray hat above)!

Then, I found a self-striping yarn and started hat#2. I was so pleased with my gift knitting idea. They were knitting up so quickly I would certainly have LOTS of gifts by the time Christmas rolled around! I had convinced myself, I would just follow the Sweater Knit-a-long and get color/pattern inspiration for my hats & cowls. I’d maybe try knitting a sweater AFTER Christmas! See how my sweater phobia goes right out the window? As the knit-a-long start loomed closer, I had an idea (actually a complete mental breakdown really), I would knit a sweater for my grand-nephew (with a matching Fair Isle hat of course, AND, you might as well make matching hats for his mom and dad too). It would be a good way to test out whole sweater concept. Being that it’s a toddler size sweater, it should knit up fairly quick…..right?

That’s how I ended up knitting another sweater! It’s just 2 months until Christmas and for those who don’t receive a hat or cowl from me…..this might be the reason…..

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A Stretchy Bind-off


I’ve started the bind-off to my First Bazaar Project. A project that I completely started over when I wasn’t Loving the way it was coming out. AND. Decided to go a different way completely. Top-down (instead of Bottom-up) to be exact. With a Top-down project you want a good, stretchy bind-off. I’ve used a sewn bind-off before, while it’s very stretchy, it’s also very wonky looking.

I found the bind-off I’m using now in a knitting stitch dictionary. As I’ve looked for other stretchy bind-offs, I haven’t seen anything quite like this one (that doesn’t mean it’s not out there, only that I hadn’t seen it). Here’s how it’s done….

  1. Knit 2 stitches (as you would for a standard bind-off).
  2. Lift the back stitch over the front stitch. BUT leave that back stitch on the left needle.img_2987
  3. Knit the next stitch (this is a little tricky, but believe me, it can be done) and slide the lifted stitch off with your knit stitch. You will now have 2 stitches on your right needle.img_2988


With these 2 stitches, you will repeat the process.

Oh. AND. You’re Welcome for the great photographs. They sure looked like the were in better focus than they are….I think I’ve mentioned before this would probably happen….

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First Bazaar Project


I got started knitting my first project for next year’s craft bazaars as I mentioned in 2017 Goals. Just a simple k2, p2 rib in some random, variegated yarn that was previously part of my experiment in Double knitting. Double knitting must not be for me. While it wasn’t hard, it seemed to take forever. Here’s the old project before I ripped it….


Yeah. I like the new project MUCH better. I’m already close to halfway done with it. Now, THAT’S my kind of project!