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Socks are DONE!!!!

My Chocolate and Pink Socks are done!!!! AND. They have crossed the finish line in WIP Dancing in the Ravellenics! WHOOHOO!! I’m pretty happy with them! These took FOREVER! But. In my defense….I don’t even like to knit socks. I’m thinking that could change though. Here’s some thoughts on what I think would make sock knitting better for me….

  1. Find a worsted weight (or at least a DK weight) yarn with some nylon
  2. Go down to a size 2 (or size 1?) needle
  3. Make a few increases at the ribbing (I have large calves)
  4. NEVER have more than 2 balls of yarn (one for each sock) at any time!

That’s my thoughts anyway. If any of you sock knitters have tips you’d like to share, I’d appreciate any advice you have!


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Off to a Rough Start

The Ravellenics 2018 have started and some people are already crossing the finish line with their projects (over-achievers…..). Some of the rest of us though, well, you see that mess in the picture above? Yeah, it’s been kind of a rough start!

That mess is attached to my Chocolate and Pink Socks. When I pulled out my socks yesterday morning (Friday the 9th), the FIRST thing I had to do was  untangle that mess. Whoever thought it was a good idea to knit striped socks with 4 balls of yarn, well, I just don’t know about her. I’m pretty sure I know why these socks were in hibernation! But. I knit about 4 rows before it was time to go to work (you know, that place that eats up all of your good crafting time….). During lunch, I think I got another couple of rows in. That’s it! Maybe 6 rows!

During the opening ceremony, I decided I would work on my Temperature Blanket. I spent a good part of the evening trying to determine which ripple stitch I had used (for whatever reason, I hadn’t written down the instructions…..). All I can say is, poor planning on my part. I’m off today though and MAYBE I can get some better progress on my projects!

How are your projects going? Making any progress?

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Gearing up for the Ravellenics!

First let me say…..THE SLEEVES ARE DONE (on the Harvest Cardigan)!!!! Now onto the miles and miles of  knitting/purling of the body!

Now, onto the rest of the post……Ravellenics 2018! I searched the teams and my best fit is Team Village Hopelessly Overcommitted ! With a WIP to FO rate of 9 to 1, if ever there was a team for me, this has to be it!

Since I need to plan projects, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be competing in WIP Dancing, because I have a few WIPs…..

  1. Last year’s Temperature Blanket. I really only have about 30 rows and this would be finished. So-o-o-o…..I should really work on this!

These Pink and Chocolate Socks……it wouldn’t be so much torture if they would ever grow.

My Red Lady Kina. I REALLY want to get this one done. Since I’ve been having better luck with sweaters, maybe I should take advantage of that!

Well, that’s a start, if I get these finished before the end of Ravellenics, I can always work on my Harvest Cardigan or my Granny Stashdown Blanket. I think I have plenty of WIPs to take me through the 2 weeks! If not, I may need to cast-on something new!

What are your plans for the Ravellenics?


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What I’ve Been Up To

Well, there’s the (very fuzzy/sideways photo of) progress on the Temperature Blanket. I’m over a month behind on this one. April and May were BRUTAL on my crafting. I basically was lucky if I could sit down and get part of a row in. I’m catching up now though. I’m figuring that once I get through April’s temperatures, I’ll be finishing this blanket. It will be about 6 feet in length by then. That should be plenty long enough.

My Chocolate and Pink Socks are also suffering from very little progress. I’ve basically knit just a few rounds beyond the waste yarn of the “heel”. And. No matter how much I knit on them, they don’t seem to get any length beyond that waste yarn. I’m not sure where those stitches go, but it’s definitely not onto the length of those darn socks! And. NOW, I remember why I don’t like to knit socks!

I almost forgot I had started this Red Lady Kina mentioned in this post. I found it hiding in the back of the closet. It apparently does not want to be finished. I haven’t even gotten to the point where I can divide for the sleeves. I KNEW there was a reason I had a sweater phobia!

Speaking of sweaters, I started this shrug-type sweater. It’s Lion brand yarn’s fault. They are the ones that kept sending me emails of cute shrug-type sweaters. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I had to start a new sweater. I couldn’t even remember I had this sweater phobia thing.

So, that’s where we are today. PLENTY of projects to work on! What’s your WIPs look like? Got any fun projects you’re working on?

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Finished Socks!

I finished these socks recently. Whoohoo! I also have to report, the method I used made knitting socks more enjoyable for me. I’m not going to lie, there’s some things I don’t like about the finished product. BUT. They’re finished. They’re wearable. And. They were actually a pleasure to knit! In fact, I started a new pair of socks yesterday. I took the things I didn’t like about these socks and did some modifications for the new pair. I’ll post the changes and progress soon. Oh happy day! I might become a sock knitter yet!

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Sock Progress

I hadn’t realized this, but I haven’t written a post since March 4th. Okay. Granted, I’ve been busy….but, March 4th. That’s well over a month! That means I missed Saint Patrick’s Day, the First day of Spring and Easter (and anything else I missed!)….. So, I hope everyone had a great March and first half of April.

I know this is a busy time of the year in my life as I work in the nursery department of our local hardware store. At this time of year, it’s all plants, patio furniture, BBQ’s, fountains, soils and garden chemicals in my life. Ordering, watering, loading, stocking, selling, re-stocking….you get the idea. But. I don’t want to neglect the blog either. I’ll try to do better. 😉

This morning I’m starting the heel of my socks (as mentioned in this post). An AfterThought Heel to be exact. It’s really the only heel I’ve ever done, as I’ve only ever knit 2 pairs (of epic fail) socks before. AND. I like it! If I’m going to knit socks (and I might, because this 2 sock yarns held together is working out really well for me so far), this is the heel I choose!

It’s great for me, because I just knit around and around until I get to where the heel should start. Knit the heel stitches onto waste yarn, knit around and around until I bind off the cuffs (it could be done the other way too if you wanted to start with a cuff down sock….) with a Stretchy Bind-off.

Now, I just come back to the waste yarn, pick up the stitches above and below the waste yarn. Remove waste yarn and now I have an open hole to knit the heel with….

It’s genius really! And perfect for those of us who can’t figure out what’s going on with a “real heel”!

Well. That’s all for now folks….I’ve got heels to knit. Hopefully soon, I’ll have finished socks to show you!

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Projects and Progress


I previously mentioned my phobia about knitting sweaters. Well, I’m pleased to say, I found a sweater project I think might help me overcome that phobia. Lady Kina. I decided I should knit something easy-ish so I would get some confidence in this sweater-making category. I think this pattern will be that project. We shall see……


Then. An email with a  Bernat pattern for Family Knit Work Socks showed up in my inbox. I printed off the pattern because they were cute. Even though I don’t like to knit socks. I’ve had tensioning issues with sock yarn/socks. But. This was pattern was knit from worsted weight and I said to myself “that might not be bad if they’re made from a worsted weight yarn”. So. I dug out some sock yarn and decided to hold it double to get a “sort-of worsted weight”. I might regret this project/decision. Not like it hasn’t happened before….


I can’t really complete a progress report without mentioning the Temperature Blanket. It’s coming along. Although, I should mention I’m about 10 days behind at this point (I should have seen this coming….). I need to spend part of my weekend getting caught up on this, I guess.

How’s your projects coming along?