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I Should be Knitting on that Sweater…..

Wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay back in June, I mentioned I had started knitting on this shrug sweater (this post, if you want to read about it). It was going pretty good too. Right up to the point where I realized I should get my act together if I was going to have anything ready for craft fairs this fall. Here’s the post where I talk about starting projects in January……I crack myself up sometimes!

So from June to September that shrug has grown from cast-on to about 7 inches in length. Not bad, right? EXCEPT, I calculated it should be about 28 inches in length total. If it took me over 3 months to get 7 inches and I need another 21 inches (it’s a dreaded story problem y’all….), won’t that take me another 9 months just to get the length? That doesn’t even include the sleeves and finishing…..This is why I have sweater phobia!

When I first learned to knit as a 9 (or 10?) year old kid, (way back in the 70s….), my mother found a boat-neck garter stitch sweater for me to learn to knit on. Not a dish cloth or scarf or something easy to start on. Nope. A sweater. To be fair though, that’s all my mother ever knit was sweaters. Not hats, scarves, mittens, dishcloths or anything else…..just sweaters.

I knit on that sweater for what seemed FOREVER! When it was FINALLY finished (and I’m SURE I wasn’t the one who finally finished it), it was too small for me, so my sister wore the sweater! I concluded knitting just took too long, so I learned how to sew (which I LOVED, but that’s another story). The sweater incident caused me to never pick up knitting needles again until 2006 when I taught myself how to knit dishcloths (I also realized there was MUCH more to knit instead of sweaters).

In a strange twist of fate, I’ve recently been knitting dishcloths (my favorite dishcloth is The Almost Lost Dishcloth ) . Kind of ironic that I would abandon the item that took me away from knitting and return to the item that brought me back!


A Few Changes to the Blog….

Because I can, I decided to choose a different format for the blog. I think I like it MUCH better (and any feedback here would be appreciated….)! Now, if I can just get something (other than my own blog posts) to link, I’d feel much more successful. Still working on it….


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2017 Goals


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I had intended to do a post on Christmas day, but we had some minor Christmas “emergencies”….like a dead car battery and broken water pipes/water issues. Needless to say, our time was spent on fixing those things rather than writing blog posts. It happens…..

I’ve started setting some crafting goals for 2017. Mostly because a friend had asked if I wouldn’t want to sell some gift items at a craft bazaar with her next year. Actually, she wanted me to do that THIS year, but I really didn’t have any items to sell (or the time to make any….). I thought if I committed to this bazaar idea in 2017, I’d have a whole year to get some things made up. AND. If I didn’t sell anything, I’d have gift items already made up to give!

It’s genius really. However. I have to tell you, EVERY year I say….”I’m going to craft all year long and have a bunch of gifts already made up for Christmas”. AND. It never happens. I get a bunch of stuff started and then don’t get it finished before Christmas. Or. I decide the project isn’t really right for the recipient. Or. I fall in LOVE with the project and after dedicating the time into the project….well….I’m not going to lie, I can’t give it up. I have to keep it for me!

Here’s how I’m going to make this different for 2017….

  1. I’m going to knit/crochet/sew/quilt small projects. Projects I can finish rather quickly.
  2. If using yarn, I will NOT use anything finer than worsted weight yarn. I might even use bulky yarn.

Well, that’s the goals. I’ll keep you posted on my progress….

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A Knit-Along for 2017

The local knitting group has decided to knit Elizabeth’s Diamonds Shawlette from Cascade Yarns (and if I could get the link to work, I would have linked….) starting in January 2017. Actually, some of them are starting now, but I should finish my current knitting project first.

Besides, I’m going to have to find a yarn. Hopefully, I have something in my stash. I don’t really want to buy new yarn right now. Let me re-phrase that….I WANT to buy new yarn….I probably SHOULDN’T buy new yarn….I should probably use something in my stash. That is, if I can find anything that will work. It’s knit in a DK weight and I’m almost positive I don’t have any DK weight.

That leaves Worsted weight….would that be too heavy for a shawl? OR. Fingering weight…..I probably have some sock yarn that might work. But. Then I’d have to adjust the size to accommodate the smaller yarn. I wonder if I could add some extra repeats to make the pattern larger….Guess I’m going to have to read the pattern closer.

Then there are beads. Something I’ve never done yet. I’m pretty sure I can do beads, I’ve just never done them. That’s something I will definitely have to buy. I KNOW I don’t have beads!

Good thing I’m not starting this project until January. Looks like I have a few things to work out first!

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A New Blog

I’m not even sure what compelled me to have a blog in the first place, but I have enjoyed it. Right up until I can’t get into my “old blog” to edit it. I thought about it and decided I’d try a new blog format. So… I am!

You’ll have to bear with me as I learn. I should also mention that although I LOVE all those BEAUTIFUL blogs with the Pinterest-y photos. This will probably never be that kind of blog. This will be a kind of un-perfect version of those blogs. Complete with not-so-great photos and my ramblings. It’ll be a blog for those of us who are SUPER busy and are just happy that we can get something (anything really….) accomplished. Mostly because that’s how my life is (and probably how a lot of you out there’s life is too)!

I have A LOT of interests. Probably more interests than I should have…..knitting, crocheting, cooking & baking, Sewing & quilting, gardening….and I plan on doing posts on many of these things. Probably complete with bad photos!

So, Welcome to my new blog! I hope I’ll have some posts that will interest you!