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Let the Un-knitting Begin!

Well…..I made a decision about my Sweater Dilemma. I started un-knitting the sleeves to shorten them. I ALMOST had myself convinced to just let it go and not shorten the sleeves. But. The inner perfectionist in me eventually won out. So, now I’m making a little backwards progress! 😉

Originally, I was going to run a “lifeline” and rip back to it. See the above picture? It didn’t take me long to realize putting a “lifeline” into that mess was going to push me over the edge! 😉 That’s when I began the whole un-knitting process. It’s going pretty well too. I have about 8 more rounds to go. I should probably finish this sweater just in time for Christmas! 😉

How are your projects coming along? Been doing any un-knitting lately?

Happy Knitting!


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A Sparkly Shawl

While the mental debate on the Sweater Dilemma goes on (and on….and on….), I cast-on a new project! YAY!!!! I found a fun project tor the Sparkly yarn! I decided to make Bernat’s Triangle Shawl. It’s been a good knit so far. How can you go wrong with garter stitch (with a few increases and decreases)? I haven’t gotten very far into the color changes yet. I can hardly wait to see how they look!

Have you started a new project recently? How’s it going?

Happy Knitting!


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A Sweater Dilemma

This should be a YAY! moment…..and yet, even though I finished the knitting and bind-off of my Harvest Cardigan on April 14th, there’s also a dilemma. First, the cardigan is a little big-ish. Not really overly big though. Just roomy like a boyfriend cardigan. I think I can live with that. Well…..I’m going to have to, because I’m NOT UNKNITTNG THIS! The real problem, is the length of the sleeves. They’re about 2 inches too long. UGH! Who knits a top-down sweater and doesn’t check the sleeve length at some point? That would be ME!

Now, I haven’t woven in any ends yet, so, I could unknit the sleeves a few inches to shorten them. That’s probably what I SHOULD do. Yet, I keep thinking I just want to be DONE with this project! Odds are, I’m going to push up or roll-up the sleeves anyway, so why bother shortening them? Right?

Then the nagging in my head asks if I can live with that? AND. I might be able to convince myself to just be happy to have conquered the sweater phobia and finished a sweater. I think….

What to do? What to do? What to do…..

Happy Knitting!




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Confession time…..I’m a little bored with my Brioche Cowl. The colors aren’t as pretty as I thought they would be. They seem dark and Fall-ish. I just want to knit something Spring-ish. I saw these sparkly Shawl-in-a-Ball yarns in Wal-Mart yesterday. Well…..they just HAD to come home with me! Maybe this is one of the reasons I always feel like I don’t save any money when I shop at Wal-Mart….. 😉

I’ve knit this shawl  and this  cowl with Shawl-in-a-Ball yarns and really like them.The softness. The color fade. They’re just so much fun to knit with! Which might make them the perfect thing for some Spring projects!

Here’s a few of the projects I’m considering…..

Well, now, I just have to make a decision…..I hope I can do that without spending too much more time on Ravelry! 😉

Have any recommendations for Shawl/Scarf/Cowl patterns?

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Fresh & New for Spring

Happy First Day of Spring to everyone! I don’t know about you, but I’m READY for Spring! And. We didn’t really have any snow to speak of this winter. For whatever reason though, this winter just seems to drag on. After the New Year, instead of feeling recharged, I just felt Blah.

See the yarn above? I dug that out of the stash to cast-on something NEW! Yes, I still have the Harvest Cardigan to finish. And. Yes, I still have the Simple Ripple Baby Blanket to finish (you know, BEFORE the baby is born sometime in April…..). But here’s the thing…..

  1. Both those projects were getting too big to be a good travel project. And.
  2. Wouldn’t the first day of Spring be a good time to start something new?

So, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m casting on this Brioche for Beginners Cowl. Thanks in part to NothingbutKnit and  JoCreates  and their lovely Brioche projects. I also have some other plans for Spring too. I’ll fill you in on those at another time. So, let me know, what plans have you got for Spring 2018?

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Dyeing For A Change

I knit these Herbaceous Mitts  and Cables and Ribs Hat quite awhile ago (the mitts apparently in 2013, the hat…..who knows…I never even made a project page for it….). Here’s the thing. I HATE the color…therefore I never wear either one! Funny thing is the mitts yarn is actually a sock yarn I hand-dyed. I must have like it at some point.

I got to thinking, what if I gave them a different color? Maybe that would improve them? I’d never over-dyed any knit items before, but I had over-dyed yarn before…..why wouldn’t it work just as well? (and when I say “never”,  apparently that’s not really true, according to my notes on my project page, I actually over-dyed the mitts after they were completed….my memory is not what it used to be…..) I decided a deep wine color might cover the orange pretty well. Saturday, on my way home from work, I stopped at JoAnn’s Fabric and picked up some Rit dye.

Sunday afternoon, I drug out my “thrift-store-for-dyeing-only” slow-cooker and prepped up the dye, hats and mitts according to the directions on the package. Once the dye solution was simmering, I dropped the prepared hat and mitts into the dye and simmered for a few hours.

After rinsing several times to get out any extra dye (note to self… time, wear gloves for this process…..) and re-blocking, here’s the finished products! I think they’re much better!

What do you think about dyeing? Have you had any success dyeing knit items?

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My Progress During the Ravellenics

First, let me start by saying…..I didn’t get NEARLY enough knitting/crochet time during the Ravellenics as I had hoped (Sorry Team VHOC , I hope I didn’t let you down!) I really only finished ONE project….my Chocolate and Pink Socks. Of course that finish was HUGE for me personally! See the Crochet ripple in the photo above? That’s my Temperature Blanket 2017. I had HOPED to finish this project. I did however add another 11 rows to this blanket, bringing it’s length to 60″. I actually thought about just finishing it off at that length and calling it good (remind me of this when I keep droning on about not getting this done!), but I want it to be 72″ in length (which is another 24-ish rows), so I’ll keep working on it. 😉

I also got quite a bit of length put onto my Harvest Cardigan. I’m to a point where I have no more neck increases and the buttonhole is in. Now, it’s just rows (and rows and rows and rows) of knit and purl until the length is reached. I CAN do this!

Even though I didn’t get everything completed, I certainly enjoyed watching the world come together to support the athletes in their pursuit of medals for their countries. Just like the Olympics, sometimes just doing your very best under the circumstances you’re given still makes you a winner! 🙂

What kind of progress did you make during the Ravellenics?