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Gotta Have Heart Beanie

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought I would skip the Block Challenge for the “Beat the Winter Blues” KAL this week. Instead I’m gonna share my Gotta Have Heart Fair Isle chart. A few years back, I used this chart to knit this….(don’t ask me why the photo is small, it’s more than I want to investigate this morning)

My Gotta Have Heart Beanie. If you want to knit one for yourself, I used the Favorite Beanie Recipe (or use any beanie pattern you like with a stitch multiple of 6) and inserted the Gotta Have Heart Chart – Stitch Fiddle Chart. OR. Use the cart in any project you like (wouldn’t a Mug Cozy be cute?)!

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Knitting!


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Free Pattern Friday – The Accidental Rib Beanie


The original Beanie I knit was an experiment making a Bulky yarn holding 4 strands of sock yarn together (see this post). The stitch pattern I used was a k2, p1 stitch. As I knit along I noticed I liked the look of the stitch pattern of the WRONG side better. When I finished up the beanie, I wove the ends into the right side and the wrong side now became the right side! That’s how the Accidental Rib Beanie came about!

The Accidental Beanie

by Lori A. Smith

The Accidental Rib Beanie is knit in the round using a Bulky yarn and minimal decreases at the top so it knits up super fast. I’ve included a cuffed or non-cuffed version in 3 child’s sizes and 2 adult sizes. The rib pattern makes the hat very stretchy, so it accommodates lots of head sizes.


  • 110 yards of a bulky weight yarn (I used Lion Brand’s Scarfie). If a Pompom is desired, it will require additional yarn.
  • One size #13 (9.0mm) circular needle (at least a 40″ length for Magic Loop) or set of double-pointed needles (you could also use a 16″ circular length and switch to DPN’s when you get to the decreases).
  • Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
  • Stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round.


  • 13 sts and 16 rows/4inches (in rib pattern/blocked)



  • Baby (Toddler, Child, Adult Small, Adult Large). Finished size – 11″ (13″, 15″, 18″, 22″) in circumference. When in doubt, size down as this hat is very stretchy.


  • CO       cast-on
  • PM       place marker
  • k          knit
  • p          purl
  • sts        stitches
  • rnd       round
  • k2tog   knit 2 together
  • p2tog   purl 2 together
  • BO        bind off


CO 36 (42, 48, 54, 69) stitches using your favorite stretchy cast-on (I used a long-tail CO). Join in the round without twisting stitches. PM to mark beginning of the round.

For Cuffed Version: *P2, k1; around for 2″ (2″, 3″, 3″, 3″) or desired depth of your cuff.

For Both Versions: Begin *K2, p1; around until piece measures 7″ (8″, 9″, 11″, 13″) or desired length.


  • Rnd 1: *k2tog, p1; around.
  • Rnd 2 *k1,p1; around.
  • Rnd 3 *p2tog; around.


Cut yarn leaving a long tail.,Using a darning needle, thread through remaining sts on your needles. Pull up tightly. Decide which side is going to be your right side (you may like the k2, p1 better?) Secure and weave in ends on whatever side you decided will be your wrong side. Assemble and secure a Pompom on top if desired.


Copyright 2108: You may use this free pattern however you wish. If you decide to use the pattern, please give me credit for the design by linking to this post. Thank you!


Happy Knitting!







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Scrappy Sunday – Bulky Yarn

I’m going to tell you a secret…..I’ve never been a fan of bulky yarn. The only real reason, is that every project I’ve done from bulky yarn has been a flop. So, it might not be the yarn as much as it is the project. A few months back, I read about this technique of making a marled (bulky) yarn from odds and ends of thinner yarns held together. Well, by the looks of the above basket of sock yarn, it was a technique I should give a try!

Holding 4 strands of sock yarn together, I cast-on a hat (no pattern…..yet….) onto size 13 needles. As one of the colors got low, I’d Russian Join a new color to that yarn. Are you ready? Here’s the end result….

I’m pretty happy with the finished hat! I can’t wait to try this again!

What fun ideas are you doing to use up your yarn scraps?

Happy Knitting!


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Dyeing For A Change

I knit these Herbaceous Mitts  and Cables and Ribs Hat quite awhile ago (the mitts apparently in 2013, the hat…..who knows…I never even made a project page for it….). Here’s the thing. I HATE the color…therefore I never wear either one! Funny thing is the mitts yarn is actually a sock yarn I hand-dyed. I must have like it at some point.

I got to thinking, what if I gave them a different color? Maybe that would improve them? I’d never over-dyed any knit items before, but I had over-dyed yarn before…..why wouldn’t it work just as well? (and when I say “never”,  apparently that’s not really true, according to my notes on my project page, I actually over-dyed the mitts after they were completed….my memory is not what it used to be…..) I decided a deep wine color might cover the orange pretty well. Saturday, on my way home from work, I stopped at JoAnn’s Fabric and picked up some Rit dye.

Sunday afternoon, I drug out my “thrift-store-for-dyeing-only” slow-cooker and prepped up the dye, hats and mitts according to the directions on the package. Once the dye solution was simmering, I dropped the prepared hat and mitts into the dye and simmered for a few hours.

After rinsing several times to get out any extra dye (note to self… time, wear gloves for this process…..) and re-blocking, here’s the finished products! I think they’re much better!

What do you think about dyeing? Have you had any success dyeing knit items?

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Valentine’s Day Swap

I started ANOTHER new project (I know, I know…..But……still making good progress on my Harvest cardigan ). This time, it’s for a Valentine’s Day swap! I LOVE to do swaps! My original idea was to make a coffee cozy that would look similar to these Spatterdash Wristwarmers (I need to make a few of these!). I went on a hunt for the perfect red shades sock yarn. With nothing in the stash, I headed off to JoAnns. I couldn’t find a decent red, I decided since it was just going to be a mug cozy, a worsted weight would be all right. I went up and down those yarn aisles for quite awhile before I found this yarn (it’s a Red Heart acrylic……don’t judge me……). I LOVED the colors. Saturday evening, I dug out the knitting stitch pattern books and found a Feather and Fan pattern, plotted out my “pattern” and cast-on. After a few rows, it occurred to me it was going to be WAY too tall for any sort of mug. BUT. It should make a good neckwarmer! There you have it…..a neckwarmer for Valentine’s Day it will become! The knitting has spoken!

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Waves of Grain Hat

Still trying to update some of my previously shared free patterns. This is a hat pattern called Waves of Grain Hat knit in a self-striping yarn (I used Lion Brand’s Amazing ).

Here’s what it looks like in a solid. It’s been quite awhile since I knit this, but I remember it being fun to knit. Here’s the link to the PDF….   Waves of Grain (2)

If you happen to knit this up, let me know what you think!

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Favorite Beanie Recipe


It was recently brought to my attention that a free pattern I had shared on my old blog (which I can no longer access) is no longer valid (probably since I can’t access it?). I thought I could just add the PDF file to this blog post, but NO! For some reason, the PDF is not in my documents! It is in my project file, but when I save it as a PDF, it prints…..WHAT?!?!

Until I get a chance to re-do the PDF, I’m just going to re-type the directions. If you want a print-able copy (or PDF), you can copy the URL into the address bar on Printer Friendly. and either make a PDF or print.

Favorite Beanie Recipe -by Lori A. Smith

After knitting up MANY not so perfect (but wearable) knit beanies, I ended up creating this beanie design. It gives a good stretchy fit for an average adult’s head. The amount of stitches easily accommodate a variety of Fair Isle colorwork charts (if desired). I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do!

Finished Measurements:

  • 18″around x9″long – fits an average adult size head.



  • 150 yards of Main Color (MC) in Worsted weight (solid or self-striping). If using colorwork charts, you will also need small amounts (50-100 yards) of additional contrasting colors (CC) of yarn.
  • Size 5 circular needles (or double-pointed needles) or size needed to get gauge.


  • k -knit
  • p -purl
  • k2tog- knit 2 together
  • rnd -round
  • sts -stitches


  • 6 stitches to the inch in stockinette (worked in the round).


  • Cast on 90 sts. Join in the round without twisting. Place a unique marker to mark the beginning of the rnds. K1, P1 rib for 6 rnds (optional ribs- k2, p1 rib or k3, p2 rib if desired).
  • Switch to stockinette stitch (knit every rnd). (if using colorwork charts, knit 1 to 2 rnds in MC then begin knitting colorwork chart). Knit until piece measures 6-1/2″ (or desired length before beginning decreases).

Decrease rounds:

  • Rnd 1: (set-up rnd) *K8, k2tog, place marker; repeat around.
  • Rnd 2: Knit.
  • Rnd 3: *Knit to 2 sts before maker, k2to, slip marker; repeat around.

Repeat rnds 2 and 3 until there are 9 sts left on needles. Cut working yarn leaving a long tail. Thread tail through 9 sts. Pull up tight and secure to wrong side of beanie. Weave in ends. Block.

copyright 2014, Lori A. Smith

This pattern is FREE. Any items knit from this design may be used as you wish. Just do me a favor, if you knit this design, please credit me by linking to my blog –


If you want to try a colorwork chart, I’ve included my Gotta Have Heart Chart – Stitch Fiddle. (this is sort of a test to see if I can link to a PDF, so let me know if it doesn’t work. )


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I’m Over It!


Here’s the current project I had been working on. It was a hat that I hoped to get finished before Christmas. Yeah! That’s not going to happen! I’m now ripping it back and re-claiming the yarn. I had 2 MAJOR failures with this project.

  1. I decided to cast-on 84 stitches to make the hat a little snugger (instead of the 96 I usually cast-on-which can be a little looser than I think they should be).
  2. I FORGOT to change needle size after the ribbing.

Now, here’s the thing….How on earth can one continue knitting (a full 9 inches of length) clear up to just beginning the crown decreases and NOT notice the hat doesn’t seem quite right? Here’s the point where I decided maybe I should try on the hat and see how it fits. AND. It’s too TIGHT! ARRRGH! And so I began the frogging process! Which also means one less Christmas gift. Maybe I should have followed my 2017 goals a little closer!

I’ve decided I’m not going to whine about this hat failure any longer (I might wine over it though…..). I’m just taking this as an omen that Christmas knitting is OVER for 2017 (there were really only 3 days left anyway) and I’m going to cast on a Harvest cardigan for me. Even with my sweater phobia (as explained in this post), I’m DETERMINED to knit a sweater! I’m going to officially proclaim 2018 the year of the sweater! We’ll see how that works out for me…….

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The hats are FINISHED! AND. Actually wrapped and ready to ship! I’m so pleased!

I decided to put pompoms on the toddler’s and mom’s hats. I used this tutorial because I was STRUGGLING to make a decent pompom.

That’s not all though…..

Remember this sweater I was working on? I was bored beyond words working on it and I KNEW I was going to have to rip this out in 2018. BUT. Then I had a revelation…..why not just bind it off and make a cowl  out of it?!?! That, my friends, is exactly what I did! HA!HA! One WIP turns to a FO! Plus. Another gift (also wrapped and ready to ship)!

I also finished this hat  awhile back (sometime in November, I think). I gifted it to a co-worker who was starting a new job with a different company. Don’t you LOVE the colors? So bright and cheery!

10 days until Christmas, I wonder what else I can get done!

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Just a Million Ends to Weave in…..

Even though I count these as finished (yes, that’s right, I consider them finished once the knitting is done…..), obviously I have a million ends to weave in (and block, let’s not forget blocking). I had mentioned (in this post) that I wanted to do a trio of hats for the family of the sweater owner. Preferably before Christmas. I might even make it. You know, if I keep at it and not get distracted by a new project…..

How’s your gift knitting coming along?