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WIP Wednesday – Haphazard Garden

The “Haphazard Garden” (as mentioned in this post) is coming along very well. I mentioned earlier (this post) that my raspberries and strawberries were crowding into the garden bed I usually used to grow my vegetables in. So this year I moved my vegetables onto a lower level of my garden space. They are SO MUCH happier for this move!

The tomatoes are loving their new space (oh, okay….so are the weeds!) ! Not having to compete for nutrients with the berries AND their new space is much sunnier.

It won’t be long before I can harvest squash!

I’m also trying some fall Brassica vegetables (planted in early July), as I have a theory they will do better than when I plant them in the Spring (they always bolt). They seem to be doing well, but we shall see…..

How’s your garden growing?

Happy Gardening!






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What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong…..


There hasn’t been a lot of knitting going on lately……I’ve been working on expanding my flower beds. We have LOTS of rocks on our property and since they’re FREE that’s what I’ve been using as a “retaining wall” for the flower beds. It’s been going along pretty well…..until today…..

It’s hard to see, but, at the top of this photo is the trench I wanted this rock to set in. This rock is HUGE and it was all I could do to roll it down the hill. When it rolled right past the trench, I knew there would be NO WAY I’d be able to roll it back UP the hill. So, I’ve devised this plan……

I’ve rigged the rock with a cable and choker. My plan is to hook the loop end of the cable to the ATV and drag the rock back up the hill  and into the trench…..What could POSSIBLY go wrong with this plan?

Happy Gardening!


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Planters for the 4th of July

I spent part of the morning planting some 4th of July planters. I’ve been meaning to get these planted for WEEKS now! Since I have a “staycation” day off from work, I decided today was as good as any! 😉

I brought home a few plants in the Red, White and Blue theme…….Victoria Blue Salvia, White Alyssum, Blue Lobelia, Red Petunias and Calibrachoa, Silver Falls Dichondra and ONE Night Sky Petunia (I would have bought more Night Sky Petunias, but ONE was all I could find!), some “rustic-looking” galvanized buckets and a couple of American Flags.

Here’s the tools I needed to “prep” the buckets. I found that if I soaked the buckets, the “majority” of the labels came off. I used the Goo-Gone and the steel scrubber to get the remainder off.

Since the container needs drainage, I used the hammer and nail to poke some drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket.

Now comes the FUN part….PLANTING! I fill the container about 3/4 of the way full of a good quality potting mix. After I take the plant out of it’s (4 inch) container, I “rough-up” it’s roots. That way the plant will root better into the potting soil.

I arrange all the “anchor” plants (I used 4 inch container plants….but you could use larger or smaller if you prefer). Nothing fancy here, I put the tall Salvia in the back, The Dichondra spilling over the front. The Lobelia on one side of the Salvia and the Night Sky Petunia on the other side. Once you have an arrangement you like, fill around your anchor plants with your potting mix.

You’ll find you have some blank areas of soil, that’s where you’re going to “tuck in” a few cells from your 6-packs (I put in 2 cells of the Red Petunias and 2 cells of the white Alyssum). Make sure to CAREFULLY water in your plants and add some time-release fertilizer!

Add your American Flags and enjoy your new containers!

Happy Gardening!

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Regrets, I’ve had a Few…..

Recently, I posted about my Haphazard gardening.  I should really expand upon this. Sometimes, my Haphazard-ness is not always good. It’s actually getting a little overwhelming.

When I started gardening on Mr. Muddling and my property, I really had NO plan. I just started planting things at random. I quickly learned, what the deer, rabbits, chipmunks and other critters liked to eat. Pretty much EVERYTHING I planted! We decided if we were going to have a vegetable garden, we’d have to fence it in.

At the top of the garden, just inside the fencing, I planted raspberries (regret #1). These now continually work their way to the garden beds….

If I just wanted to grow raspberries, this wouldn’t be a problem. If you’re going to grow anything else….it’s a BIG problem!

You can barely make it out, originally, I planted my strawberries (regret #2) in the cinder block holes of the border of the garden bed. I could picture strawberries trailing beautifully over the edge of the garden beds. Who knew they would be so prolific they would choke out any “walkways” I had intended!

Chives (regret#3) were also planted in the cinder block borders. I now have chives EVERYWHERE! Originally, I had planted other herbs in those cinder block holes. The chives choked out everything else!

Do I make gardening mistakes only in the vegetable garden? No! I make them in my flower beds too! Since my flower beds aren’t fenced, I really tried to find things that the deer (and other stuff) would leave alone (for the most part….). Mint (regret#4) was one of those things. It won’t be long now when this “flower bed” will be a bed of Apple Mint!

At least the cats like it!

How is your garden growing? Have any gardening regrets?

Happy gardening!


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Haphazard Gardening

Over the three day weekend, I did a little gardening. Haphazardly. Because, that’s the way I roll. That’s right. It’s not just my knitting/crocheting that’s haphazard…’s my entire life! 😉

Need proof? Here’s a photo of my garden so far this year. Ignore any weeds you might see!

I added three tomato plants to the bottom section of the garden. I didn’t have any planting areas ready, so, I just plopped the plants into the center of the mounds of soil. It should work. My life is nothing but one big science experiment! 😉

Hope you got a chance to play in the dirt lately! How’s your garden growing?

Happy gardening!


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Working in the Garden!

Yesterday was my day off from work and it was going to be sunny. I decided I should start to tackle this mess (better known as my vegetable garden….)! Weeds and last year’s growth had taken over a little bit….

Weeds had also taken over the galvanized stock tank planter. Apparently, I grew onions in this planter last year, as some were stating to sprout from the onions I never harvested last year. I decided to clean out the weeds and get this planted.

I got it weeded, but left as many of the onion sprouts as I could.

I found these scallions in the back of the fridge. It seemed like a good idea to give them a home in the planter.

I trimmed off some of the tops and planted them.

Don’t they look happier?

I erected a bamboo teepee for some peas to grow up.  I thought it might need some string “ladders” to give the peas something to grab onto.

I couldn’t find any string….but I can ALWAYS find some yarn! 😉

All ready for pea sprouts!

It looks like I need to purchase more seeds this year, but I did find some “greens” seeds. I planted what was left in these packages around the perimeter of the stock tank. Can hardly wait for fresh “greens”!

For some reason, I didn’t get a picture of the finished weeded and raked garden bed (who knows?). But look what I found after getting all that junk out….The Rhubarb is growing! YAY! It won’t be long until we have some Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp now!

How’s your garden growing?

Happy Gardening!


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National Sneak a Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day!

That’s right! It’s National Sneak a Zucchini onto your Neighbor’s Porch Day! AND. If you can’t sneak one onto your neighbor’s porch, let me know, I can get you the address of MY porch!

I’ve been freezing Zucchini the last few days for fall and winter meals (and treats!). If you’ve never frozen zucchini before, it’s SUPER easy! Start by washing/cleaning your zucchinis. Then:


Slice  your zucchini. I’ll be using these thin slices for a Zucchini Lasagne this fall/winter. Maybe even these Zucchini Enchiladas. YUM! I can hardly wait! This Vegetable Peeler is ideal for getting thin, wide ribbon-type noodles. If you’ve never used Pampered Chef’s knives or cutters (basically anything with a blade), I’m going to warn you….They are SHARP! Don’t ask how I know this…..

You can also grate your zucchini. I’ve mentioned in a few posts now, but this Multi-Grater & Slicer might be one of my new favorites. (I should probably mention that I’m a Pampered Chef consultant and I don’t love it because I sell it, I sell it BECAUSE I LOVE it!) . Use the grated zucchini this fall/winter in this FABULOUS Low-carb Chocolate Cake Recipe (or just sneak it into soups and sauces).

Now, put your prepared zucchini into freezer bags (or a vacuum sealer is handy too!), press as flat as possible to get out as much air as you can. Label, date and freeze. When you’re ready to use your zucchini, thaw in the refrigerator the night before.

Then you’re all ready to make your favorite casserole (or whatever….). Enjoy!

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What to Grow? Lavender!

Recently, I posted about the garden re-hab I completed. I’m getting ready to plant. Yes. I know it’s smack-dab in the middle of summer. Probably the worst time of year to plant. But. I know a few tricks (that might be a good post too?)!

Anyway,I mentioned I would post about some of my FAVORITE plants to grow. Naturally, I feel like I should start the list with Lavender (lavandula)! Here’s a few of it’s attributes:

  • Grows in full sun
  • Drought resistant (once established)
  • VERY fragrant
  • Attracts pollinators (bees, butterflies and hummingbirds)
  • Deer (and critter) resistant (that’s a must in my gardens!)
  • Easy to grow
  • LOTS of varieties
  • Some varieties can be used in cooking and baking (lavandula angustifolia)
  • Dried blooms used in many DIY projects (Just check out Pinterest….)

What’s NOT to love about this plant? If you think of anything, let me know……

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Garden Rehab

One of the things I enjoy about summer, is my gardens. They’re looking pretty good right now…..

But. I’ve made a mistake or two along the way….

This ribbon grass is the main mistake (we’ll discuss mint another day….). It started out okay. In fact, there was a time it was beautiful. Lately though, not so much. It’s my own fault. As the center started to die out, I should have been digging and dividing the living clumps. But. I didn’t and I ended up with  a lot of this….

Dead patches of the grass mixed with grassy weeds. I was sick of it! Digging all this out seemed like an unsurmountable task. There had to be a better (and quicker) way!

So, I had hubby spray it to kill it. Don’t get me wrong, I COULD have sprayed it. But. He was on a spray kick, so, why not let him do it? Then. Because he was on a weedeating kick, he whacked it down short too….

I covered the area with cardboard to prevent suppress any weed seeds/grass from sprouting.

Put the sprinkler on to wet it down.

Covered the cardboard with a mixture of soil and horse manure (since I have horses, I have lots available!).

Turned the sprinkler on again to wet everything down.

Now, I’m all ready to start planting! Because really? Isn’t that the fun part?!?!

I’ve got some plants all planned out for planting. I’ll let you know my progress. Come to think of it, I’ll share some posts on some of my favorite plants to plant! Until then…..Happy Gardening!