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A Sweater Dilemma

This should be a YAY! moment…..and yet, even though I finished the knitting and bind-off of my Harvest Cardigan on April 14th, there’s also a dilemma. First, the cardigan is a little big-ish. Not really overly big though. Just roomy like a boyfriend cardigan. I think I can live with that. Well…..I’m going to have to, because I’m NOT UNKNITTNG THIS! The real problem, is the length of the sleeves. They’re about 2 inches too long. UGH! Who knits a top-down sweater and doesn’t check the sleeve length at some point? That would be ME!

Now, I haven’t woven in any ends yet, so, I could unknit the sleeves a few inches to shorten them. That’s probably what I SHOULD do. Yet, I keep thinking I just want to be DONE with this project! Odds are, I’m going to push up or roll-up the sleeves anyway, so why bother shortening them? Right?

Then the nagging in my head asks if I can live with that? AND. I might be able to convince myself to just be happy to have conquered the sweater phobia and finished a sweater. I think….

What to do? What to do? What to do…..

Happy Knitting!




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FO Friday – Simple Ripple Baby Blanket

It’s DONE! YAY!!! AND. Before the baby has arrived! I didn’t make the April 1st deadline I assigned the project (this post ), but that’s okay. I should try to be more realistic when I assign deadlines. I always assume I can crochet whatever amount I figure I need to crochet per day to meet the deadline. What I forget to factor in is all the other things in my day (work, cleaning, cooking, feeding animals, sleep, to name a few…..) that limit that crochet time. Some days I feel lucky to get one row in! So, I’m not going to beat myself up for missing a date on the calendar!

How are your projects coming along? Are you a deadline setter?

Happy Crocheting!


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Dyeing For A Change

I knit these Herbaceous Mitts  and Cables and Ribs Hat quite awhile ago (the mitts apparently in 2013, the hat…..who knows…I never even made a project page for it….). Here’s the thing. I HATE the color…therefore I never wear either one! Funny thing is the mitts yarn is actually a sock yarn I hand-dyed. I must have like it at some point.

I got to thinking, what if I gave them a different color? Maybe that would improve them? I’d never over-dyed any knit items before, but I had over-dyed yarn before…..why wouldn’t it work just as well? (and when I say “never”,  apparently that’s not really true, according to my notes on my project page, I actually over-dyed the mitts after they were completed….my memory is not what it used to be…..) I decided a deep wine color might cover the orange pretty well. Saturday, on my way home from work, I stopped at JoAnn’s Fabric and picked up some Rit dye.

Sunday afternoon, I drug out my “thrift-store-for-dyeing-only” slow-cooker and prepped up the dye, hats and mitts according to the directions on the package. Once the dye solution was simmering, I dropped the prepared hat and mitts into the dye and simmered for a few hours.

After rinsing several times to get out any extra dye (note to self… time, wear gloves for this process…..) and re-blocking, here’s the finished products! I think they’re much better!

What do you think about dyeing? Have you had any success dyeing knit items?

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Socks are DONE!!!!

My Chocolate and Pink Socks are done!!!! AND. They have crossed the finish line in WIP Dancing in the Ravellenics! WHOOHOO!! I’m pretty happy with them! These took FOREVER! But. In my defense….I don’t even like to knit socks. I’m thinking that could change though. Here’s some thoughts on what I think would make sock knitting better for me….

  1. Find a worsted weight (or at least a DK weight) yarn with some nylon
  2. Go down to a size 2 (or size 1?) needle
  3. Make a few increases at the ribbing (I have large calves)
  4. NEVER have more than 2 balls of yarn (one for each sock) at any time!

That’s my thoughts anyway. If any of you sock knitters have tips you’d like to share, I’d appreciate any advice you have!


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FO Friday

FO Friday! I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile now (and if I could just finish something, I could have done it earlier…..). Anyway, the Feather & Fan Neckwarmer is done! Actually…..done 4 days BEFORE Valentine’s Day! I’m not going to lie, I really had to knuckle down and work on this exclusively. Completely abandoned my other projects for a couple of days to just get this done! I’m so proud of myself, I should start a new project to reward myself! Just kidding. I actually dug out my WIPs to start working on them for the Ravellenics. Maybe you’ll be hearing about MORE FO Friday projects in the near future! Maybe…… 😉

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A Hug for Your Mug!

I’ve completed the first item for my Valentine’s Day swap partner! It’s a Hug for her mug! And. It’s SUPER easy! Easy enough for beginner crocheters! I’m sharing the FREE pattern here with you today… know, in case you want to whip up a few of these to give a hug for your Valentine’s mugs! If you need to find mugs, I found this red one (and other great solid colors) at the Dollar store. I also found some individual servings of French Vanilla coffee (YUM!) to go with the mug. Or maybe your Valentine prefers tea? Or chocolate? Just fill the mug with their favorite for a fun gift! Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Hug for Your Mug


  • Worsted Weight Yarn (medium #4)
  • I Crochet Hook


  • 4 sc & 4 rows per inch


  • Sts – stitches
  • Sc – Single crochet
  • Ch – Chain


  • Ch 9, turn, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in every ch across (8 sc), ch 1, turn.
  • Row 1: sc in every sc across, ch1, turn. (8sc)
  • Repeat Row 1 until piece measures 10 inches ( or 1 inch less than your mug measures)

Secure final sc. Leave a long tail for button loop.

On beginning (short) end , Using a darning needle and tail of yarn, make a running stitch. Pull tight to gather and secure. Repeat the gathering on opposite short side. Form a loop at the beginning of tail (near where you secured the gathering), insert hook and ch 6  (check to see that this amount of chs fit easily over your button and add/subtract chs as needed). Form a loop with these chs and secure to body of the cozy.

Sew Button on opposite side.

Weave in Ends (wrong side). Place your cozy on your mug, button and ENJOY!

If you want a printable version of the pattern…..

A Hug for Your Mug


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Waves of Grain Hat

Still trying to update some of my previously shared free patterns. This is a hat pattern called Waves of Grain Hat knit in a self-striping yarn (I used Lion Brand’s Amazing ).

Here’s what it looks like in a solid. It’s been quite awhile since I knit this, but I remember it being fun to knit. Here’s the link to the PDF….   Waves of Grain (2)

If you happen to knit this up, let me know what you think!