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Waves of Grain Hat

Still trying to update some of my previously shared free patterns. This is a hat pattern called Waves of Grain Hat knit in a self-striping yarn (I used Lion Brand’s Amazing ).

Here’s what it looks like in a solid. It’s been quite awhile since I knit this, but I remember it being fun to knit. Here’s the link to the PDF….   Waves of Grain (2)

If you happen to knit this up, let me know what you think!

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Favorite Beanie Recipe


It was recently brought to my attention that a free pattern I had shared on my old blog (which I can no longer access) is no longer valid (probably since I can’t access it?). I thought I could just add the PDF file to this blog post, but NO! For some reason, the PDF is not in my documents! It is in my project file, but when I save it as a PDF, it prints…..WHAT?!?!

Until I get a chance to re-do the PDF, I’m just going to re-type the directions. If you want a print-able copy (or PDF), you can copy the URL into the address bar on Printer Friendly. and either make a PDF or print.

Favorite Beanie Recipe -by Lori A. Smith

After knitting up MANY not so perfect (but wearable) knit beanies, I ended up creating this beanie design. It gives a good stretchy fit for an average adult’s head. The amount of stitches easily accommodate a variety of Fair Isle colorwork charts (if desired). I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I do!

Finished Measurements:

  • 18″around x9″long – fits an average adult size head.



  • 150 yards of Main Color (MC) in Worsted weight (solid or self-striping). If using colorwork charts, you will also need small amounts (50-100 yards) of additional contrasting colors (CC) of yarn.
  • Size 5 circular needles (or double-pointed needles) or size needed to get gauge.


  • k -knit
  • p -purl
  • k2tog- knit 2 together
  • rnd -round
  • sts -stitches


  • 6 stitches to the inch in stockinette (worked in the round).


  • Cast on 90 sts. Join in the round without twisting. Place a unique marker to mark the beginning of the rnds. K1, P1 rib for 6 rnds (optional ribs- k2, p1 rib or k3, p2 rib if desired).
  • Switch to stockinette stitch (knit every rnd). (if using colorwork charts, knit 1 to 2 rnds in MC then begin knitting colorwork chart). Knit until piece measures 6-1/2″ (or desired length before beginning decreases).

Decrease rounds:

  • Rnd 1: (set-up rnd) *K8, k2tog, place marker; repeat around.
  • Rnd 2: Knit.
  • Rnd 3: *Knit to 2 sts before maker, k2to, slip marker; repeat around.

Repeat rnds 2 and 3 until there are 9 sts left on needles. Cut working yarn leaving a long tail. Thread tail through 9 sts. Pull up tight and secure to wrong side of beanie. Weave in ends. Block.

copyright 2014, Lori A. Smith

This pattern is FREE. Any items knit from this design may be used as you wish. Just do me a favor, if you knit this design, please credit me by linking to my blog –


If you want to try a colorwork chart, I’ve included my Gotta Have Heart Chart . (this is sort of a test to see if I can link to a PDF, so let me know if it doesn’t work. )


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Knitting (and Crochet) Reflections 2017


It’s almost 2018, can you believe it?!?! That means it’s time to reflect on the knitting (and crochet) of 2017. What went right? What went WRONG? Where do we go for 2018?

I started out 2017 by doing something new to me….beading. This Diamond Shawl to be exact. This was a win! I learned something I had never done before (beading) and I enjoyed it. I’ve learned that if I don’t enjoy something in knitting, I get easily distracted to a new project. But. I liked beading and I plan on doing more of it for 2018!

Then there was the Temperature Blanket (yes, it’s crochet and since I do so little crochet projects, I’m going to include them…..). This went really well right up until about March (which is also about the time I get REALLY busy with my job…..), well, let’s just say, I have about a month’s worth of crocheting to finish this blanket…..

These Toe-Up Doubled Yarn Socks went well. There were some things I didn’t like about them, so on the next pair, I made some adjustments….

These Chocolate and Pink Socks are probably at this same exact length (and something I NEED to finish!!!). While I love the IDEA of knitting socks, I hate to knit socks! Knitting with 2 yarns held together helped, but, I’d really like to be able to get something more like a bulky sock. I might have to work on that (you know, in my spare time….).

A Red Lady Kina. Well, it’s a sweater, so there’s that…..    I have to say, though, it started out good. AND. I do plan on finishing it (Ha! I ALWAYS plan on finishing things….)!

This one cracks me up (I’m easily entertained….)! It Started Out As A Sweater, But Ended Up A Cowl. I should have known this would happen (I did start a sweater…..), but, I avoided another WIP to do something with in 2018 by finishing this off and making a cowl out of it instead. Pure brilliance I tell you! 😉

This little Strange Brew Toddler Sweater gave me the confidence I needed to feel like I have it in me to knit an adult-sized sweater! It was such a fun knit! I may need to knit more kid-sized sweaters for the little people in my life!

Swatch it up Hats and A Family of Hats. I just can’t get enough of knitting hats! And. The Fair Isle was just SO MUCH FUN! DEFINITELY more Fair Isle in 2018!

Of course, there had to be dishcloths! LOVE These Dishcloths are so much fun to knit! I also LOVE that they look like a flower when they’re finished! There will definitely be more of these in 2018!

Let’s see what our plans for 2018 look like…..

  1. Harvest. I plan on ending my sweater phobia with this sweater!
  2. Eagle Island Cardigan. At some point in 2018, I want to knit this (minus the eagle motif maybe?)!
  3. African Flower Slouch. I have a TON of African flowers I crocheted in sock yarn, just waiting to be made into something….
  4. Design and knit an adult-sized Strange Brew Cardigan. I’ll have to steek! EEK!
  5. I also want to try knitting/crocheting with wire for making jewelry (like this and this) . I’ve owned the wire (and am accumulating beads) for awhile now!
  6. Cables! I don’t think I knit a SINGLE cable in 2017! That needs to end for 2018!
  7. Cowls! I ALWAYS forget about cowls! Not going to forget them in 2018!
  8. Beads! I tend to think about beaded shawls (which tend to be a BIG project for me….), but maybe beaded hats and COWLS!
  9. Fingerless mitts! Again, none in 2017….why? More mitts in 2018!

That’s not much knitting for a year (if you say it fast….)! What are your knitting plans for 2018?


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The hats are FINISHED! AND. Actually wrapped and ready to ship! I’m so pleased!

I decided to put pompoms on the toddler’s and mom’s hats. I used this tutorial because I was STRUGGLING to make a decent pompom.

That’s not all though…..

Remember this sweater I was working on? I was bored beyond words working on it and I KNEW I was going to have to rip this out in 2018. BUT. Then I had a revelation…..why not just bind it off and make a cowl  out of it?!?! That, my friends, is exactly what I did! HA!HA! One WIP turns to a FO! Plus. Another gift (also wrapped and ready to ship)!

I also finished this hat  awhile back (sometime in November, I think). I gifted it to a co-worker who was starting a new job with a different company. Don’t you LOVE the colors? So bright and cheery!

10 days until Christmas, I wonder what else I can get done!

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Just a Million Ends to Weave in…..

Even though I count these as finished (yes, that’s right, I consider them finished once the knitting is done…..), obviously I have a million ends to weave in (and block, let’s not forget blocking). I had mentioned (in this post) that I wanted to do a trio of hats for the family of the sweater owner. Preferably before Christmas. I might even make it. You know, if I keep at it and not get distracted by a new project…..

How’s your gift knitting coming along?

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Finished a Sweater!

YES! It’s finished! The toddler sweater I’ve been working on for the Strange Brew KAL over at Tin Can Knits (….and I would have linked to these, but for whatever reason, the link button and photo editing buttons aren’t working this morning…..). Now, onto a matching hat for the grand nephew. Also, matching hats for his mom and dad! The sweater only took me 18 days, so, I’m pretty confident I can get 3 hats done before Christmas (I’m so funny….)! How’s your gift knitting coming along?


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A Fair Isle Obsession

I just wanted to share my latest obsession…..knitting Fair Isle (or colorwork) projects. It started out innocent enough. Tin Can Knits was having a knit-a-long for the Strange Brew Sweater. It looked like a great pattern to help feed my “need to design” instinct. AND. It had a great concept of “swatching” usable hats and cowls to test for gauge (what a concept!). Since I LOVE to knit hats and cowls, I decided that would be a fantastic way to get some Christmas gifts knit up. Plus, it would be a good way to use up a lot of the yarn stash! So I purchased the pattern, printed out the hat pattern and graphs, pulled out yarn and quickly finished up hat #1 (the purple/gray hat above)!

Then, I found a self-striping yarn and started hat#2. I was so pleased with my gift knitting idea. They were knitting up so quickly I would certainly have LOTS of gifts by the time Christmas rolled around! I had convinced myself, I would just follow the Sweater Knit-a-long and get color/pattern inspiration for my hats & cowls. I’d maybe try knitting a sweater AFTER Christmas! See how my sweater phobia goes right out the window? As the knit-a-long start loomed closer, I had an idea (actually a complete mental breakdown really), I would knit a sweater for my grand-nephew (with a matching Fair Isle hat of course, AND, you might as well make matching hats for his mom and dad too). It would be a good way to test out whole sweater concept. Being that it’s a toddler size sweater, it should knit up fairly quick…..right?

That’s how I ended up knitting another sweater! It’s just 2 months until Christmas and for those who don’t receive a hat or cowl from me…..this might be the reason…..