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Crafting for Valentine’s Day

While looking for buttons for a current project, Inspiration hit! Do you see it?

How about now?

I don’t even remember why I bought this package of heart buttons, but it occurred to me, I should maybe use some of them! I’ve been on a Valentine’s Day Pinterest search lately…..and there are some CUTE Crafty ideas out there! Want to see some of what I’ve found? My Valentine’s Day Board has lots of fun ideas! I can hardly wait to try some of these ideas out!

Yes folks, that’s how it happens…..sweater distraction!

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Beginner Knitter/Crocheter Planning

My crafting life took a little bit of a detour this month. That’s not to say I haven’t made progress on the Harvest Cardigan, because I definitely have (sleeves are almost to the point where I can begin decreases, YAY!). But. I had a couple of ladies I work with that were interested in learning to knit. THEN. I also had a couple more who were interested in learning to crochet. So…..I set a date to meet at our local coffee shop on Sunday to have an afternoon of learning.

I’ve perused Ravelry and the internet in search of projects for beginner knitters and crocheters. Since I haven’t found the perfect project, I’m planning out projects I think would be good for beginners. If this goes at all well, I’ll post the projects on the blog. Well, time to get back to the knitting/crocheting…..Sunday’s not that far away! Wish me luck!

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Knitting (and Crochet) Reflections 2017


It’s almost 2018, can you believe it?!?! That means it’s time to reflect on the knitting (and crochet) of 2017. What went right? What went WRONG? Where do we go for 2018?

I started out 2017 by doing something new to me….beading. This Diamond Shawl to be exact. This was a win! I learned something I had never done before (beading) and I enjoyed it. I’ve learned that if I don’t enjoy something in knitting, I get easily distracted to a new project. But. I liked beading and I plan on doing more of it for 2018!

Then there was the Temperature Blanket (yes, it’s crochet and since I do so little crochet projects, I’m going to include them…..). This went really well right up until about March (which is also about the time I get REALLY busy with my job…..), well, let’s just say, I have about a month’s worth of crocheting to finish this blanket…..

These Toe-Up Doubled Yarn Socks went well. There were some things I didn’t like about them, so on the next pair, I made some adjustments….

These Chocolate and Pink Socks are probably at this same exact length (and something I NEED to finish!!!). While I love the IDEA of knitting socks, I hate to knit socks! Knitting with 2 yarns held together helped, but, I’d really like to be able to get something more like a bulky sock. I might have to work on that (you know, in my spare time….).

A Red Lady Kina. Well, it’s a sweater, so there’s that…..    I have to say, though, it started out good. AND. I do plan on finishing it (Ha! I ALWAYS plan on finishing things….)!

This one cracks me up (I’m easily entertained….)! It Started Out As A Sweater, But Ended Up A Cowl. I should have known this would happen (I did start a sweater…..), but, I avoided another WIP to do something with in 2018 by finishing this off and making a cowl out of it instead. Pure brilliance I tell you! 😉

This little Strange Brew Toddler Sweater gave me the confidence I needed to feel like I have it in me to knit an adult-sized sweater! It was such a fun knit! I may need to knit more kid-sized sweaters for the little people in my life!

Swatch it up Hats and A Family of Hats. I just can’t get enough of knitting hats! And. The Fair Isle was just SO MUCH FUN! DEFINITELY more Fair Isle in 2018!

Of course, there had to be dishcloths! LOVE These Dishcloths are so much fun to knit! I also LOVE that they look like a flower when they’re finished! There will definitely be more of these in 2018!

Let’s see what our plans for 2018 look like…..

  1. Harvest. I plan on ending my sweater phobia with this sweater!
  2. Eagle Island Cardigan. At some point in 2018, I want to knit this (minus the eagle motif maybe?)!
  3. African Flower Slouch. I have a TON of African flowers I crocheted in sock yarn, just waiting to be made into something….
  4. Design and knit an adult-sized Strange Brew Cardigan. I’ll have to steek! EEK!
  5. I also want to try knitting/crocheting with wire for making jewelry (like this and this) . I’ve owned the wire (and am accumulating beads) for awhile now!
  6. Cables! I don’t think I knit a SINGLE cable in 2017! That needs to end for 2018!
  7. Cowls! I ALWAYS forget about cowls! Not going to forget them in 2018!
  8. Beads! I tend to think about beaded shawls (which tend to be a BIG project for me….), but maybe beaded hats and COWLS!
  9. Fingerless mitts! Again, none in 2017….why? More mitts in 2018!

That’s not much knitting for a year (if you say it fast….)! What are your knitting plans for 2018?


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Temperature Blanket – 4 Weeks of Progress


4 weeks of progress and my Temperature Blanket is now 15 inches long. This is a perfect project for me. Just one row a day. Some days, that’s all I have time for! On the days when I have more crochet (or knit) time, I work on my other projects, Bazaar projects and my Diamond Shawlette.

If you notice, I said it’s already 15 inches at 4 weeks. I figure, at that rate it will be 5 feet long after 4 months. At this point, I believe I will start a new blanket. I should be able to get 3 Temperature Blankets in one year!

Why am I mentioning how many blankets I can get done in one year? Because, in case you think this might be a fun project to put on your “to do” list, you don’t have to wait until 2018 to get started! You could start in say…..February…..or March….maybe even September! There’s still time. And. You should join us on Facebook to see everyone’s progress on their blankets. Come on….you know you need another project!

Temperature Blanket – Week Two


Over halfway through the month of January and the Temperature Blanket is growing! I’m really LOVING this project! What could be better than 1 row per day? It still leaves me plenty of time to work on my other projects too.

I also LOVE how the Lion Band’s Heartland yarns co-ordinate together, The colors are so pretty together. Don’t you agree?

There’s still time to start your own Temperature Blanket. I’ve calculated the blanket will be 17 feet long if I do the ENTIRE 365 days. Obviously, I will NOT be crocheting it THAT long! I’ll probably start another blanket part way through the year. If you want to make your own blanket,  be sure to join us on Facebook Temperature Blanket to see everyone’s progress.

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Temperature Blanket – Week One


This morning, I’m working on row 7 to complete the first week of the Colors for a Temperature Blanket. This has been such a fun (and easy) project. Mostly because I only have to complete one row a day. That could change if I get behind, but for now it’s been working out just right.

If you think you might like to join me in crocheting (or knitting) a Temperature Blanket of your own (it’s not too late….), join us here….

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Colors for a Temperature Blanket


Here’s the cool temperature palette for my Temperature Blanket. As I mentioned in As if I Needed Another Project…., I don’t expect to need colors beyond the 53F range for a while, so I haven’t planned for the warmer weather colors yet.


I decided to buy myself a little calendar to keep track of the temperatures. Even though I’ve convinced myself I will crochet my row every evening after I find out the temperature, I know me, and am pretty sure I might get behind a few rows….hence the calendar. Yesterday evening, after I found out our high temperature was 29F, I dug out the “eggplant” color (Lion Brand Heartland’s #147 Hot Springs) and crocheted my first row of a simple ripple pattern. Then, I set the project down, picked up my Checking Beading off the List! shawl and knit a few rows on that for the rest of the evening. I CAN handle another project when I only have to worry about 1 row per night… theory….we’ll see how it works out…..

Don’t forget, if you think this is a project you might like to do (remember….just one row per evening….), join us on Facebook….