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What I’ve Been Up To

Well, there’s the (very fuzzy/sideways photo of) progress on the Temperature Blanket. I’m over a month behind on this one. April and May were BRUTAL on my crafting. I basically was lucky if I could sit down and get part of a row in. I’m catching up now though. I’m figuring that once I get through April’s temperatures, I’ll be finishing this blanket. It will be about 6 feet in length by then. That should be plenty long enough.

My Chocolate and Pink Socks are also suffering from very little progress. I’ve basically knit just a few rounds beyond the waste yarn of the “heel”. And. No matter how much I knit on them, they don’t seem to get any length beyond that waste yarn. I’m not sure where those stitches go, but it’s definitely not onto the length of those darn socks! And. NOW, I remember why I don’t like to knit socks!

I almost forgot I had started this Red Lady Kina mentioned in this post. I found it hiding in the back of the closet. It apparently does not want to be finished. I haven’t even gotten to the point where I can divide for the sleeves. I KNEW there was a reason I had a sweater phobia!

Speaking of sweaters, I started this shrug-type sweater. It’s Lion brand yarn’s fault. They are the ones that kept sending me emails of cute shrug-type sweaters. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. I had to start a new sweater. I couldn’t even remember I had this sweater phobia thing.

So, that’s where we are today. PLENTY of projects to work on! What’s your WIPs look like? Got any fun projects you’re working on?

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Temperature Blanket – 4 Weeks of Progress


4 weeks of progress and my Temperature Blanket is now 15 inches long. This is a perfect project for me. Just one row a day. Some days, that’s all I have time for! On the days when I have more crochet (or knit) time, I work on my other projects, Bazaar projects and my Diamond Shawlette.

If you notice, I said it’s already 15 inches at 4 weeks. I figure, at that rate it will be 5 feet long after 4 months. At this point, I believe I will start a new blanket. I should be able to get 3 Temperature Blankets in one year!

Why am I mentioning how many blankets I can get done in one year? Because, in case you think this might be a fun project to put on your “to do” list, you don’t have to wait until 2018 to get started! You could start in say…..February…..or March….maybe even September! There’s still time. And. You should join us on Facebook to see everyone’s progress on their blankets. Come on….you know you need another project!

Temperature Blanket – Week Two


Over halfway through the month of January and the Temperature Blanket is growing! I’m really LOVING this project! What could be better than 1 row per day? It still leaves me plenty of time to work on my other projects too.

I also LOVE how the Lion Band’s Heartland yarns co-ordinate together, The colors are so pretty together. Don’t you agree?

There’s still time to start your own Temperature Blanket. I’ve calculated the blanket will be 17 feet long if I do the ENTIRE 365 days. Obviously, I will NOT be crocheting it THAT long! I’ll probably start another blanket part way through the year. If you want to make your own blanket,  be sure to join us on Facebook Temperature Blanket to see everyone’s progress.

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Temperature Blanket – Week One


This morning, I’m working on row 7 to complete the first week of the Colors for a Temperature Blanket. This has been such a fun (and easy) project. Mostly because I only have to complete one row a day. That could change if I get behind, but for now it’s been working out just right.

If you think you might like to join me in crocheting (or knitting) a Temperature Blanket of your own (it’s not too late….), join us here….

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Colors for a Temperature Blanket


Here’s the cool temperature palette for my Temperature Blanket. As I mentioned in As if I Needed Another Project…., I don’t expect to need colors beyond the 53F range for a while, so I haven’t planned for the warmer weather colors yet.


I decided to buy myself a little calendar to keep track of the temperatures. Even though I’ve convinced myself I will crochet my row every evening after I find out the temperature, I know me, and am pretty sure I might get behind a few rows….hence the calendar. Yesterday evening, after I found out our high temperature was 29F, I dug out the “eggplant” color (Lion Brand Heartland’s #147 Hot Springs) and crocheted my first row of a simple ripple pattern. Then, I set the project down, picked up my Checking Beading off the List! shawl and knit a few rows on that for the rest of the evening. I CAN handle another project when I only have to worry about 1 row per night… theory….we’ll see how it works out…..

Don’t forget, if you think this is a project you might like to do (remember….just one row per evening….), join us on Facebook….



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As if I Needed Another Project….


It might be Lion Brand yarn’s fault. But. I’m committing to start ONE MORE PROJECT for 2017. A Temperature Blanket. Check out the details here…     If I could link this, I would. I’ve got to get this whole linking thing figured out in 2017!

I even bought new yarn for this project. Lion Brand’s Heartland yarn. Only 4 colors to start though, as I don’t expect the temperatures to get over 53F  here anytime soon! Also, I’m moving the colors a little bit on the temperature chart (and am adding a natural color for the < 0F temp…. I HOPE I won’t have to use that color much!). I’ll add the other colors as I need them later (I’m reckless like that….).

If you think crocheting (or knitting) a Temperature Blanket for 2017 sounds like a fun project, you should join me over on Facebook…

Won’t it be fun to track everyone’s temperatures and progress?