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Tutorial Tuesday – Row Counting Stitch Marker

It seems to be a bit of a debate….how do you keep track of your rows when knitting? I use a row counter. But. I modify it to fit on my knitting needles a little better. I didn’t come up with this design. The first one I had seen came from a knitting swap buddy. I LOVED it as soon as I saw it. Here’s how to make one of your own…..

You’ll need to gather your materials. Most of these you’ll find in the bead section of your local craft store.

  • Head pin (looks like a long piece of wire with a “knob” on one end. make sure the “knob” is big enough to prevent beads from slipping off).
  • Split ring or jump ring (big enough to go over the biggest size of knitting needle you plan to use it on).
  • Beads (at least 3/8″ in size)
  • Row counter (you’ll find this with the knitting needles and notions)

Onto your head pin, thread beads, row counter and more beads. With a small pair of pliers, bend the tip of the head pin around your split ring (or jump ring) crimping it tightly.

There you have it! A new Row counter for you (or maybe a gift for a knitting buddy)!

Happy Knitting!


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A Diamond Shawl is FINISHED!


Pattern: Elizabeth’s Diamond Shawl

Yarn: Serenity Sock Yarn

It’s FINISHED! My shawl for the Knit-along 2017. I have to say, I’m not sure why I waited SO long to knit a beaded project. It really adds to the project!


It’s very pretty.


And. It makes me feel like an Artist. That’s the sign of a good project….don’t you agree?

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Shawl Progress


I just wanted to share the progress I’m making on the Elizabeth’s Diamond Shawlette that I’ve been working on for my Knit-along 2017. See that? Links to places outside the blog! It took me almost an hour of reading, but I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. Not highlighting the linked text. Who would have guessed?

I’ll have to go back to some of my old posts and add some links. Someday. You know, when I have some spare time.

I’ve completed 3 repeats of the chart. The pattern calls for 5 repeats, but because I’m using sock yarn instead of DK, I’m probably going to have to do a few more repeats to get the shawl big enough. I’m really enjoying this pattern and can’t wait to see my co-knitter’s progress today. How are your 2017 projects progressing?


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Almost made a Mistake


Here’s the Progress of my Elizabeth’s Diamonds Shawl for  A Knit-Along for 2017 (and why I can link my blog posts, but can’t link anything else is beyond me….). See that blue thread? That’s the marking for the right side of the “fabric”. Which is now odd to me, because there’s no way you could mistake the wrong side for the right side. But. The pattern was pretty insistent that you mark the right side….so there you have it…’s marked.

I made it through row #14 of chart A, moved back down to row #1 and started to knit. About 10 stitches in, I realized something wasn’t working right. I ripped back and started the row over. Still not right. What did I do? Was my count from the previous row off? It didn’t look like it. Ripped back again and started looking at the chart and how the pattern was progressing. It looked like row #7 was closer to where I should be. Then it hit me! Read the pattern! And. Lo and behold, the pattern says to work rows 1-14 of Chart A once, THEN work rows 7-14 of Chart A 5 times more. AMAZING! All I had to do was read the instructions! Who knew?

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Checking Beading off the List!


Isn’t that pretty? Beading! Which I’ve been putting off for quite a while now. I’ve read how to do it and it seemed pretty easy. And. It. Is. Although it still feels a little fiddly.

I guess I should mention….I finished my Current Knitting Project and wanted to start  A Knit-Along for 2017 right away. I bought yarn and beads the other day….


Nothing fancy. Just some basic sock yarn in a Soft white color  And. Some pretty beads. I’ve been loving how this sock yarn knits up. It feels very springy to knit. I almost forgot how much I love to knit with sock yarn. I haven’t knit with it in quite awhile. Funny thing though, while I love to knit with sock yarn, I HATE to knit socks! But. That’s okay. There’s plenty of things other than socks to knit up!

So, a new project on the needles! Is there anything that makes me happier? Maybe getting my  Current Knitting Project shawl blocked? I’ll try to do that in the next few days…..