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Let the Un-knitting Begin!

Well…..I made a decision about my Sweater Dilemma. I started un-knitting the sleeves to shorten them. I ALMOST had myself convinced to just let it go and not shorten the sleeves. But. The inner perfectionist in me eventually won out. So, now I’m making a little backwards progress! 😉

Originally, I was going to run a “lifeline” and rip back to it. See the above picture? It didn’t take me long to realize putting a “lifeline” into that mess was going to push me over the edge! 😉 That’s when I began the whole un-knitting process. It’s going pretty well too. I have about 8 more rounds to go. I should probably finish this sweater just in time for Christmas! 😉

How are your projects coming along? Been doing any un-knitting lately?

Happy Knitting!


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Just One More Project! ;)

I started ANOTHER project. This adorable Star Blanket for my Grand-Nephew Miles. I’m a bad Grand-Aunt…..I never completed a baby blanket for Miles before he was born. And. It’s not because I didn’t start a blanket. I actually started 3 different blankets. This Baby Granny Stripes  started out really cute, but I just lost my mo-jo on it and it got pushed aside…..

Then, there was a different version of the Star Blanket. Who knows why I didn’t finish it….

Apparently, I never even bothered setting up a project page for the third blanket I started…..and I can’t remember what the blanket was……I just know I started something I never finished! 😉

Now that miles is almost 2 years old (in June), I’m hoping to get a blanket done for him! First, I gave myself a deadline of June 1st to get this done before his birthday. Being that I’m a realist (and I know how INCREDIBLY busy I get at my work in May), I’ve got a back-up birthday gift for Miles in case I don’t meet the June 1st deadline. It’ll still make a good Christmas present! 😉

Happy Crocheting!


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A Sparkly Shawl

While the mental debate on the Sweater Dilemma goes on (and on….and on….), I cast-on a new project! YAY!!!! I found a fun project tor the Sparkly yarn! I decided to make Bernat’s Triangle Shawl. It’s been a good knit so far. How can you go wrong with garter stitch (with a few increases and decreases)? I haven’t gotten very far into the color changes yet. I can hardly wait to see how they look!

Have you started a new project recently? How’s it going?

Happy Knitting!


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A Sweater Dilemma

This should be a YAY! moment…..and yet, even though I finished the knitting and bind-off of my Harvest Cardigan on April 14th, there’s also a dilemma. First, the cardigan is a little big-ish. Not really overly big though. Just roomy like a boyfriend cardigan. I think I can live with that. Well…..I’m going to have to, because I’m NOT UNKNITTNG THIS! The real problem, is the length of the sleeves. They’re about 2 inches too long. UGH! Who knits a top-down sweater and doesn’t check the sleeve length at some point? That would be ME!

Now, I haven’t woven in any ends yet, so, I could unknit the sleeves a few inches to shorten them. That’s probably what I SHOULD do. Yet, I keep thinking I just want to be DONE with this project! Odds are, I’m going to push up or roll-up the sleeves anyway, so why bother shortening them? Right?

Then the nagging in my head asks if I can live with that? AND. I might be able to convince myself to just be happy to have conquered the sweater phobia and finished a sweater. I think….

What to do? What to do? What to do…..

Happy Knitting!




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Confession time…..I’m a little bored with my Brioche Cowl. The colors aren’t as pretty as I thought they would be. They seem dark and Fall-ish. I just want to knit something Spring-ish. I saw these sparkly Shawl-in-a-Ball yarns in Wal-Mart yesterday. Well…..they just HAD to come home with me! Maybe this is one of the reasons I always feel like I don’t save any money when I shop at Wal-Mart….. 😉

I’ve knit this shawl  and this  cowl with Shawl-in-a-Ball yarns and really like them.The softness. The color fade. They’re just so much fun to knit with! Which might make them the perfect thing for some Spring projects!

Here’s a few of the projects I’m considering…..

Well, now, I just have to make a decision…..I hope I can do that without spending too much more time on Ravelry! 😉

Have any recommendations for Shawl/Scarf/Cowl patterns?

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Working in the Garden!

Yesterday was my day off from work and it was going to be sunny. I decided I should start to tackle this mess (better known as my vegetable garden….)! Weeds and last year’s growth had taken over a little bit….

Weeds had also taken over the galvanized stock tank planter. Apparently, I grew onions in this planter last year, as some were stating to sprout from the onions I never harvested last year. I decided to clean out the weeds and get this planted.

I got it weeded, but left as many of the onion sprouts as I could.

I found these scallions in the back of the fridge. It seemed like a good idea to give them a home in the planter.

I trimmed off some of the tops and planted them.

Don’t they look happier?

I erected a bamboo teepee for some peas to grow up.  I thought it might need some string “ladders” to give the peas something to grab onto.

I couldn’t find any string….but I can ALWAYS find some yarn! 😉

All ready for pea sprouts!

It looks like I need to purchase more seeds this year, but I did find some “greens” seeds. I planted what was left in these packages around the perimeter of the stock tank. Can hardly wait for fresh “greens”!

For some reason, I didn’t get a picture of the finished weeded and raked garden bed (who knows?). But look what I found after getting all that junk out….The Rhubarb is growing! YAY! It won’t be long until we have some Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp now!

How’s your garden growing?

Happy Gardening!


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FO Friday – Simple Ripple Baby Blanket

It’s DONE! YAY!!! AND. Before the baby has arrived! I didn’t make the April 1st deadline I assigned the project (this post ), but that’s okay. I should try to be more realistic when I assign deadlines. I always assume I can crochet whatever amount I figure I need to crochet per day to meet the deadline. What I forget to factor in is all the other things in my day (work, cleaning, cooking, feeding animals, sleep, to name a few…..) that limit that crochet time. Some days I feel lucky to get one row in! So, I’m not going to beat myself up for missing a date on the calendar!

How are your projects coming along? Are you a deadline setter?

Happy Crocheting!