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Finishing Up Friday – A Lacy Shawl

I’m FINALLY starting the bind-off for the Lacy Shawl for the Spring KAL (oh! How much more muddled my life has been getting…..). It’s a Picot Bind-off. It’s a BEAUTIFUL bind-off! It does take awhile, but it is SO worth it!

I hope you’ll join me in knitting this lovely shawl! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can join either the Facebook or Ravelry groups (or both, if you want to….), so you’ll be ready on Wednesday, March 20th when I release the pattern for the KAL. You’ve got a few days to finish up your current WIPs (or find a place to stash them, you know, until you can finish them later!).

Happy Knitting!





Hi! I'm Lori! Welcome to my little corner of the blogging world! My hubby and I live on a small farm in Eastern Oregon with 5 cats (it's a LONG story), 3 horses and a mule. I work full-time as a department lead at the nursery department of a local hardware store. You'll discover I have wa-a-a-ay too many hobbies for the amount of "spare time" I have. So, I'll just keep muddling though this life.....

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