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“Beat the Winter Blues” KAL

The “official” day is here! YAY! My first ever “unstructured” KAL! What’s the first step? Hop on over to the Facebook group or Ravelry Group and join up! I can’t wait for us all to get together and KNIT!!!

Okay! Okay! But what’s the next step? Pick out YARN!!! Worsted weight to be exact. Something yummy if you’re knitting a blanket (I’ll be using Lion Brand’s Heartland in winter shades of “icy blues and gray skies”). But. If you want to knit washcloths (you can NEVER have too many!), you’ll obviously want cotton (did I not mention this is going to be “unstructured”?). Once you have your yarn, grab a pair of size 8 needles and cast-on 32 sts. Knit every row (garter stitch) to get a square (my squares have been measuring 8″ and blocking out to 9″, but your tension might be different from mine). Wash and block your square. You’ll get an idea how big your squares will be and if you think you might want to use smaller or larger needles. Don’t worry if your squares aren’t finishing at 9″. Just as long as it’s a size you like, they’ll be consistent to that size. Does that make sense?

Well, that’s your “homework” for today. Check back in tomorrow and I’ll have our next steps! So glad you’ve joined me for this “Beat the Winter Blues” KAL! Don’t worry either, if you aren’t ready to start knitting with us quite yet (Christmas knitting and all….), it’s all good! We’ll be here all winter. PLENTY of time to “catch up”!

It FINALLY dawned on me that I should put all the patterns and cast-on amounts where they could be found easily. So, here they are….

Beat the Winer Blues Stitch Patterns and Cast-on amounts:

Seed Stitch – Cast-on amount 31 sts

Tiny Pebbles – Cast-on 32 sts

Mock Cable – Cast-on 38 sts

Garter Stripe – Cast-on 32 sts

Interrupted Rib – Cast-on 32 sts

Diagonal 3 – Cast-on 34 sts

Double Andalusian – Cast-on 33 sts

Bamboo Reed – Cast-on 36 sts (please note all corrections in this block…It does not want to play nice!!!)

Woven Stitch – Cast-on 34 sts

Small Claw Cable – Cast-on 38 sts

Oblong Stitch – Cast-on 31 sts

Grass Stitch – Cast-on 34 sts

Double Fleck Stitch – Cast-on 34 sts

Garter Ridges – Cast-on 34 sts

Plus. Don’t forget the Stitch Block Challenges!

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Challenge #3

Challenge #4

Challenge #5


Blanket Sizes and how many squares

Joining Blocks – 2 Methods

I’ll continue adding to this list as we go!

Happy Knitting!




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