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Just Dropping In!

  • I’ve been such a BAD Blogger…’s been a while since I’ve posted and thought I should let you know what I’ve been up to. So….yes, I’ve been gardening (when the heat and the smoke haven’t been too bad) and knitting (but not on any of the projects I’ve posted about…..) and crocheting (but not on the Temperature Blanket…. ) and of course there’s been daily cooking and baking. Basically, I’ve just been muddling along.

Do you realize that Christmas is just a little over 3 months away? That’s right…..Christmas! Remember back in JANUARY, when I talked about my goals of making all these projects/gifts for Christmas? Well, somehow (again this year) it hasn’t happened! It dawned on me that if I’m going to get anything done, I’m going to have to turn to my trusty sewing machine! But. Here’s the problem… sewing machine is…..

  • not trusty (why, oh, why did I trade my old machine in for this newer model?)
  • skipping stitches on knits (and polar fleece/knits will be a big part of my Christmas projects)

So, I did some searching for solutions to skipped stitches and here’s what I found/did…..

  • Clean the bobbin case area (yep! It needed it)
  • Double checked ALL the settings for the machine (grabbed the manual and started adjusting)
  • NEW Stretch needle
  • Put on the Walking Foot attachment (Quite a few bloggers SWORE by this, so Okay, I’ll give it a try!)

Here’s my test stitches and I have to tell you…..I was MORE than pleased! NO skipped stitches! NONE! AT ALL! I have to conclude that it HAS to be the Walking Foot, because I had tried ALL the other things…. cleaning the bobbin case, NEW Stretch needle and going through all the machine settings. Yep! If the Walking Foot is going to make that kind of difference in my sewing, I’m now in LOVE with it! Now, I can’t wait until my days off to start some sewing projects!!!



Hi! I'm Lori! Welcome to my little corner of the blogging world! My hubby and I live on a small farm in Eastern Oregon with 5 cats (it's a LONG story), 3 horses and a mule. I work full-time as a department lead at the nursery department of a local hardware store. You'll discover I have wa-a-a-ay too many hobbies for the amount of "spare time" I have. So, I'll just keep muddling though this life.....

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