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A Diamond Shawl is FINISHED!


Pattern: Elizabeth’s Diamond Shawl

Yarn: Serenity Sock Yarn

It’s FINISHED! My shawl for the Knit-along 2017. I have to say, I’m not sure why I waited SO long to knit a beaded project. It really adds to the project!


It’s very pretty.


And. It makes me feel like an Artist. That’s the sign of a good project….don’t you agree?



Hi! I'm Lori! Welcome to my little corner of the blogging world! My hubby and I live on a small farm in Eastern Oregon with 5 cats (it's a LONG story), 3 horses and a mule. I work full-time as a department lead at the nursery department of a local hardware store. You'll discover I have wa-a-a-ay too many hobbies for the amount of "spare time" I have. So, I'll just keep muddling though this life.....

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