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A Stretchy Bind-off


I’ve started the bind-off to my First Bazaar Project. A project that I completely started over when I wasn’t Loving the way it was coming out. AND. Decided to go a different way completely. Top-down (instead of Bottom-up) to be exact. With a Top-down project you want a good, stretchy bind-off. I’ve used a sewn bind-off before, while it’s very stretchy, it’s also very wonky looking.

I found the bind-off I’m using now in a knitting stitch dictionary. As I’ve looked for other stretchy bind-offs, I haven’t seen anything quite like this one (that doesn’t mean it’s not out there, only that I hadn’t seen it). Here’s how it’s done….

  1. Knit 2 stitches (as you would for a standard bind-off).
  2. Lift the back stitch over the front stitch. BUT leave that back stitch on the left needle.img_2987
  3. Knit the next stitch (this is a little tricky, but believe me, it can be done) and slide the lifted stitch off with your knit stitch. You will now have 2 stitches on your right needle.img_2988


With these 2 stitches, you will repeat the process.

Oh. AND. You’re Welcome for the great photographs. They sure looked like the were in better focus than they are….I think I’ve mentioned before this would probably happen….



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