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Almost made a Mistake


Here’s the Progress of my Elizabeth’s Diamonds Shawl for  A Knit-Along for 2017 (and why I can link my blog posts, but can’t link anything else is beyond me….). See that blue thread? That’s the marking for the right side of the “fabric”. Which is now odd to me, because there’s no way you could mistake the wrong side for the right side. But. The pattern was pretty insistent that you mark the right side….so there you have it…’s marked.

I made it through row #14 of chart A, moved back down to row #1 and started to knit. About 10 stitches in, I realized something wasn’t working right. I ripped back and started the row over. Still not right. What did I do? Was my count from the previous row off? It didn’t look like it. Ripped back again and started looking at the chart and how the pattern was progressing. It looked like row #7 was closer to where I should be. Then it hit me! Read the pattern! And. Lo and behold, the pattern says to work rows 1-14 of Chart A once, THEN work rows 7-14 of Chart A 5 times more. AMAZING! All I had to do was read the instructions! Who knew?


Hi! I'm Lori! Welcome to my little corner of the blogging world! My hubby and I live on a small farm in Eastern Oregon with 5 cats (it's a LONG story), 3 horses and a mule. I work full-time as a department lead at the nursery department of a local hardware store. You'll discover I have wa-a-a-ay too many hobbies for the amount of "spare time" I have. So, I'll just keep muddling though this life.....

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