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1950’s Costume

I have an upcoming birthday party to attend. I also just found out we’re supposed to dress appropriate to “our favorite decade”. Well……I narrowed my favorite looks down to the “sock-hops of the 50’s” OR the “flower-child of the 60’s”. After a cruise through the local thrift store to see what I could find, it was clear it was going to be the 1950s. I found a plain black sweater (I decided to add the sparkly “L”) and a gingham checked shirt. Good start, but I’d need a circle skirt (I guess I could have done a pair of cropped “petal pushers” instead…..). I bought 5 yards of red broadcloth for the skirt (no real plan here, just mentally thinking 4 times the length of a skirt, plus an extra yard, just in case), a zipper, a piece of black felt and red sequin trim (for the “L” applique).

Saturday night, I glued the sequin trim to the black felt in the shape of an “L” and let it dry overnight.

Sunday, I dusted off my sewing machine (that’s what happens if you don’t use it often enough…..) and proceeded to come up with a plan for the circle skirt. After a few searches on Pinterest, I found this Circle Skirt Calculator. It was really helpful, although, I did have to make a few adjustments to my skirt because of the width (45″) of my fabric. After, I got the waist measurement half circle drawn out onto the fabric, I measured out the length and cut out the skirt. When the cutting was finished, I was surprised how quickly the skirt sewed up (mostly because I haven’t done much sewing lately)! So fast, that I’m actually thinking I might need a knit circle skirt in my “real” wardrobe! I then cut around the “L” applique and sewed it onto the sweater.

I’m going to wear a pair of white Ked’s type tennies (If I had the time and patience, there’s a cute tutorial to make Saddle shoes  from a pair of tennies) and bobby socks. We’ll see how it goes, but this should work.

Have you sewn anything fun lately?

Happy Sewing!



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FO Friday – A Sparkly Triangle Shawl


A little closer look.

Here’s the details…..

How’s your knitting going? Finish anything lately?

Happy Knitting!


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WIP Wednesday – A New (Sparkly) Shawl

Since I bound off my Sparkly Triangle Shawl (there will be pictures soon…..), I decided to cast-on another shawl. Recently, The Midnight Knitter (of Yarn, Books & Roses) posted she was working on a Close to You Shawl. That looked like a fun knit, so, I cast-on using my other skein of Sparkly Shawl-in-a-Ball yarn (Cleansing Quartz color). For whatever reason, I’m really enjoying knitting shawls right now and this pattern is a definite winner!

What are you working on right now? Cast-on anything new?

Happy Knitting!


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A Cool Drink for Knitting

Yesterday, I spent a bit of time sitting in the garden, binding off my Sparkly Triangle Shawl (that’s right, a FO is VERY close now!). Because no sitting and knitting in the garden is complete without some icy drink, I made myself a Coffee Icee (or Frappe, if you prefer….)

Because it’s SO refreshing (and summer IS coming….), I thought I would share my method. That’s right, I’m one of those “no recipe really” people…’s just how I roll…..

I start by freezing any extra morning coffee in ice cube trays……

Into a blender, I add the ENTIRE tray of coffee ice cubes. to this I add:

  • a splash (about 2 Tbsp.?) of Torani Sugar-free syrup (any flavor, but white chocolate is good!)
  • a splash of heavy cream (again about 2 Tbsp.?)
  • Enough of your favorite milk (I used Almond milk) to cover the ice cubes (maybe 2 cups?).

Blend all this together. If it’s a little thick, add a little more of the milk.


Happy Summer!


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Regrets, I’ve had a Few…..

Recently, I posted about my Haphazard gardening.  I should really expand upon this. Sometimes, my Haphazard-ness is not always good. It’s actually getting a little overwhelming.

When I started gardening on Mr. Muddling and my property, I really had NO plan. I just started planting things at random. I quickly learned, what the deer, rabbits, chipmunks and other critters liked to eat. Pretty much EVERYTHING I planted! We decided if we were going to have a vegetable garden, we’d have to fence it in.

At the top of the garden, just inside the fencing, I planted raspberries (regret #1). These now continually work their way to the garden beds….

If I just wanted to grow raspberries, this wouldn’t be a problem. If you’re going to grow anything else….it’s a BIG problem!

You can barely make it out, originally, I planted my strawberries (regret #2) in the cinder block holes of the border of the garden bed. I could picture strawberries trailing beautifully over the edge of the garden beds. Who knew they would be so prolific they would choke out any “walkways” I had intended!

Chives (regret#3) were also planted in the cinder block borders. I now have chives EVERYWHERE! Originally, I had planted other herbs in those cinder block holes. The chives choked out everything else!

Do I make gardening mistakes only in the vegetable garden? No! I make them in my flower beds too! Since my flower beds aren’t fenced, I really tried to find things that the deer (and other stuff) would leave alone (for the most part….). Mint (regret#4) was one of those things. It won’t be long now when this “flower bed” will be a bed of Apple Mint!

At least the cats like it!

How is your garden growing? Have any gardening regrets?

Happy gardening!


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Haphazard Gardening

Over the three day weekend, I did a little gardening. Haphazardly. Because, that’s the way I roll. That’s right. It’s not just my knitting/crocheting that’s haphazard…’s my entire life! 😉

Need proof? Here’s a photo of my garden so far this year. Ignore any weeds you might see!

I added three tomato plants to the bottom section of the garden. I didn’t have any planting areas ready, so, I just plopped the plants into the center of the mounds of soil. It should work. My life is nothing but one big science experiment! 😉

Hope you got a chance to play in the dirt lately! How’s your garden growing?

Happy gardening!