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The hats are FINISHED! AND. Actually wrapped and ready to ship! I’m so pleased!

I decided to put pompoms on the toddler’s and mom’s hats. I used this tutorial because I was STRUGGLING to make a decent pompom.

That’s not all though…..

Remember this sweater I was working on? I was bored beyond words working on it and I KNEW I was going to have to rip this out in 2018. BUT. Then I had a revelation…..why not just bind it off and make a cowl  out of it?!?! That, my friends, is exactly what I did! HA!HA! One WIP turns to a FO! Plus. Another gift (also wrapped and ready to ship)!

I also finished this hat  awhile back (sometime in November, I think). I gifted it to a co-worker who was starting a new job with a different company. Don’t you LOVE the colors? So bright and cheery!

10 days until Christmas, I wonder what else I can get done!

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Just a Million Ends to Weave in…..

Even though I count these as finished (yes, that’s right, I consider them finished once the knitting is done…..), obviously I have a million ends to weave in (and block, let’s not forget blocking). I had mentioned (in this post) that I wanted to do a trio of hats for the family of the sweater owner. Preferably before Christmas. I might even make it. You know, if I keep at it and not get distracted by a new project…..

How’s your gift knitting coming along?

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Finished a Sweater!

YES! It’s finished! The toddler sweater I’ve been working on for the Strange Brew KAL over at Tin Can Knits (….and I would have linked to these, but for whatever reason, the link button and photo editing buttons aren’t working this morning…..). Now, onto a matching hat for the grand nephew. Also, matching hats for his mom and dad! The sweater only took me 18 days, so, I’m pretty confident I can get 3 hats done before Christmas (I’m so funny….)! How’s your gift knitting coming along?


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Some Sweater Success!

The colors aren’t very good in this (fuzzy, weird) photo, BUT, sweater success! That’s all I needed to get over my sweater phobia…..knit a baby sweater!

See this? I’ve already knit the yoke section A and it’s decrease. Just started section B! It won’t be long and I’ll have a finished sweater (I wonder how many UFO’s I’ve said that about?)! A BIG Thank-you to Tin Can Knits for their Strange Brew pattern and KAL! I feel like I’m Ready to tackle that adult size sweater come January! Not now of course, too much gift knitting to do!!!!

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A Fair Isle Obsession

I just wanted to share my latest obsession…..knitting Fair Isle (or colorwork) projects. It started out innocent enough. Tin Can Knits was having a knit-a-long for the Strange Brew Sweater. It looked like a great pattern to help feed my “need to design” instinct. AND. It had a great concept of “swatching” usable hats and cowls to test for gauge (what a concept!). Since I LOVE to knit hats and cowls, I decided that would be a fantastic way to get some Christmas gifts knit up. Plus, it would be a good way to use up a lot of the yarn stash! So I purchased the pattern, printed out the hat pattern and graphs, pulled out yarn and quickly finished up hat #1 (the purple/gray hat above)!

Then, I found a self-striping yarn and started hat#2. I was so pleased with my gift knitting idea. They were knitting up so quickly I would certainly have LOTS of gifts by the time Christmas rolled around! I had convinced myself, I would just follow the Sweater Knit-a-long and get color/pattern inspiration for my hats & cowls. I’d maybe try knitting a sweater AFTER Christmas! See how my sweater phobia goes right out the window? As the knit-a-long start loomed closer, I had an idea (actually a complete mental breakdown really), I would knit a sweater for my grand-nephew (with a matching Fair Isle hat of course, AND, you might as well make matching hats for his mom and dad too). It would be a good way to test out whole sweater concept. Being that it’s a toddler size sweater, it should knit up fairly quick…..right?

That’s how I ended up knitting another sweater! It’s just 2 months until Christmas and for those who don’t receive a hat or cowl from me…..this might be the reason…..

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I Should be Knitting on that Sweater…..

Wa-a-a-a-a-a-ay back in June, I mentioned I had started knitting on this shrug sweater (this post, if you want to read about it). It was going pretty good too. Right up to the point where I realized I should get my act together if I was going to have anything ready for craft fairs this fall. Here’s the post where I talk about starting projects in January……I crack myself up sometimes!

So from June to September that shrug has grown from cast-on to about 7 inches in length. Not bad, right? EXCEPT, I calculated it should be about 28 inches in length total. If it took me over 3 months to get 7 inches and I need another 21 inches (it’s a dreaded story problem y’all….), won’t that take me another 9 months just to get the length? That doesn’t even include the sleeves and finishing…..This is why I have sweater phobia!

When I first learned to knit as a 9 (or 10?) year old kid, (way back in the 70s….), my mother found a boat-neck garter stitch sweater for me to learn to knit on. Not a dish cloth or scarf or something easy to start on. Nope. A sweater. To be fair though, that’s all my mother ever knit was sweaters. Not hats, scarves, mittens, dishcloths or anything else…..just sweaters.

I knit on that sweater for what seemed FOREVER! When it was FINALLY finished (and I’m SURE I wasn’t the one who finally finished it), it was too small for me, so my sister wore the sweater! I concluded knitting just took too long, so I learned how to sew (which I LOVED, but that’s another story). The sweater incident caused me to never pick up knitting needles again until 2006 when I taught myself how to knit dishcloths (I also realized there was MUCH more to knit instead of sweaters).

In a strange twist of fate, I’ve recently been knitting dishcloths (my favorite dishcloth is The Almost Lost Dishcloth ) . Kind of ironic that I would abandon the item that took me away from knitting and return to the item that brought me back!

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Just Dropping In!

  • I’ve been such a BAD Blogger…’s been a while since I’ve posted and thought I should let you know what I’ve been up to. So….yes, I’ve been gardening (when the heat and the smoke haven’t been too bad) and knitting (but not on any of the projects I’ve posted about…..) and crocheting (but not on the Temperature Blanket…. ) and of course there’s been daily cooking and baking. Basically, I’ve just been muddling along.

Do you realize that Christmas is just a little over 3 months away? That’s right…..Christmas! Remember back in JANUARY, when I talked about my goals of making all these projects/gifts for Christmas? Well, somehow (again this year) it hasn’t happened! It dawned on me that if I’m going to get anything done, I’m going to have to turn to my trusty sewing machine! But. Here’s the problem… sewing machine is…..

  • not trusty (why, oh, why did I trade my old machine in for this newer model?)
  • skipping stitches on knits (and polar fleece/knits will be a big part of my Christmas projects)

So, I did some searching for solutions to skipped stitches and here’s what I found/did…..

  • Clean the bobbin case area (yep! It needed it)
  • Double checked ALL the settings for the machine (grabbed the manual and started adjusting)
  • NEW Stretch needle
  • Put on the Walking Foot attachment (Quite a few bloggers SWORE by this, so Okay, I’ll give it a try!)

Here’s my test stitches and I have to tell you…..I was MORE than pleased! NO skipped stitches! NONE! AT ALL! I have to conclude that it HAS to be the Walking Foot, because I had tried ALL the other things…. cleaning the bobbin case, NEW Stretch needle and going through all the machine settings. Yep! If the Walking Foot is going to make that kind of difference in my sewing, I’m now in LOVE with it! Now, I can’t wait until my days off to start some sewing projects!!!